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Play Bingo Online in India

Hm, what’s that going to be today? Something not too active but not monotonous, easy but not elementary and, I suppose, thrilling. Right, thrilling. Oh, Bingo! Yes, Bingo, exactly. No, not like you have finally understood what you shall be looking for but the actual Bingo game. Wait, you have never heard of it? Or maybe you have but forgotten. Try to recollect your memories about watching a British or an American film. Most probably, at least once you’ve seen people sitting in large halls, marking numbers and all of a sudden shouting “Bingo!”. There is not a single chance of you skipping this name it was just everywhere. Though, today it is not the case, playing live Bingo online still continues to entertain hundreds and hundreds of its enjoyers.

This game is completely unique in its nature and you may be wondering why so? How is it even possible for such an old game to stay unique today when we have a great variety of other games at our disposal? Well, I’ll tell you. It is unique because of several requirements. It requires luck, it requires speed, it requires attention and, if you play in real life, a loud voice. As well, it requires you to take a seat, take a bingo card or any of your devices and enjoy! Be sure, it’s compulsory! It’s Bingo!

What is Bingo Online game? How shall a novice understand it?

What do you think is simple? ABC is simple? Or maybe 2+2 is simple? Of course not! What is really simple is playing Bingo! It may have different names like Kinzo in Quebec or Tambola in India but whatever the name it is worth trying.

First things first, a newcomer is to understand that there are two main types of this live or online game. There are two main kinds of Bingo: American Bingo that is a 75-ball game and UK bingo that is a 90-ball game and they are quite different, not only in some aspects. In simple words, what does 90 or 75-ball mean? While playing Bingo game online you have to listen to an announcer calling out numbers which you are to find in your cards and to mark with a special marker (such markers are called dabbers or daubers) or cross them out with a pen or pencil.

A typical UK bingo card has 27 spaces on it, which form nine columns by three rows. In each row five numbers and four blank spaces take their place. Each of the columns may contain up to 3 numbers that may be arranged quite differently depending on the place where you play Bingo online or in real life. Let’s observe the general scheme of number organization:

  • In the first column, while playing bingo online, such numbers as from 1 to 9 or from 1 to 10 can be found.
  • Looking at the second column you may spot the numbers from 10 to 19 or from 11 to 20.
  • The third column is comprised with the numbers from 20 to 29 or from 21 to 30 and so on up to 80 or 81 to 90.

How to play Bingo Online? General rules

Playing online is not so different from real life bingo game. You still have the numbers announced on a random basis; you still can choose from one to six bingo cards to play with (the more cards you have the bigger chances there are for you to win). When an announcer says “eyes down” it means that the game is about to start. And then you just mark the numbers, basically that’s all. In order to win you must hit one of the winning combinations on your screen or a virtual card. Among winning combinations are the following:

  • Line;
  • Full house;
  • Two lines;
  • Four corners;
  • Winning sequence in bingo online.


Line is a combination of covering a horizontal line of five numbers on the ticket.

Full House

Full house means its name! It is the combination of all 15 numbers of the ticket being covered.

Two Lines

Two lines is not much different from a line. Covering of 2 lines on the same ticket.

Four Corners

Four corners are the covered leftmost and rightmost numbers on the top and the bottom lines.

Winning Sequence

Be as attentive as you can to claim your winning as in case if the next number in the sequence is called out, your winnings won’t be considered as valid anymore.

Where to play Bingo Online in India? WHAT ARE THE BEST CHOICES?

So, now you know about the game and its rules and might be wondering where is it possible to play bingo or Tambola, which is the name most Indians got used. The question is rather interesting and quite complicated as gambling activities are forbidden to take place in India but if a bingo session is recognized to be a kind of lottery than it is okay. But the best option would be going online and looking for a licensed casino, where you can play online version of this thrilling game.

F.A.Q. Section

What is Bingo game?

Bingo is an old fashioned but nevertheless exiting game that may be familiar to you under the name of Tambola where you have to take a bingo card, a marker or a pen and mark of cross the numbers, called out by an announcer, in order to hit one of the possible winning combinations. You can take from one to six cards. Bigger number of cards increases your chances to win.

How to play Bingo?

In order to start playing live Bingo online game you need to purchase a Bingo card, which is relatively cheap, and start trying it out. There is nothing complicated about this game at all but it can be extremely rewarding!

Is it legal to play Online Bingo in India?

Playing Bingo in an online casino is possible for Indians as there are no laws that do not allow gambling on offshore resources for entertaining purposes. There are tons of sites that accept players from India so just pick up a licensed and trustworthy casino and enjoy your game.

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