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Live Blackjack in India

If you poll gamblers to find out which live casino game they prefer, it is likely to be blackjack. Being a game of luck and strategy in equal measure, it's not as complicated as poker but offers commensurately high winning chances. More importantly, it was blackjack that first made its way online in the mid-1990s when the first iGaming platforms opened.

With the arrival of Evolution Gaming in 2006, this game got a live dealer format that resonates with many Indian gamblers. Live blackjack provides an authentic experience, with human croupiers, real cards and real cashouts. So, read on to find out everything you need to play live casino blackjack in India.

How to Play Live Blackjack

While there are many versions of blackjack, the objective of the game remains the same - you have to beat the dealer with cards valued at up to 21 points but no more. Notably, a game situation where you hit 21 is called 'blackjack' and results in a 3:2 payout (6:5 in some variations). Although other players can be in the game, you're only facing the dealer.

In RNG-based blackjack, the computer takes on the role of dealer. However, playing against a professional croupier is much more fun, as it brings human interaction and provides you with a more authentic land-based casino experience. What's more, the live chat feature allows you to interact and share experiences with other players.

Rules of Live Blackjack

The first thing you should start with is figuring out the value of blackjack cards in order to make informed decisions, e.g. whether or not to draw an additional card. So, here are some rules regarding the value of the cards:

  • An Ace may be worth either 11 or 1, depending on which Ace's value is more advantageous to you in a particular situation.
  • Cards from 10 to King have a value of 10 points each in live blackjack.
  • The value of 2-9 cards corresponds to their face value.

So, each game round starts with you being dealt two cards. First, you just need to understand the meaning of 'hit', 'stand' and 'bust'. So, if you think you need a third card to create a more valuable hand to beat the dealer, you 'hit'. That is, you ask for another card to be dealt with you. In live blackjack, a 'stand' means you stay in your hand. As for 'bust', that's when you've gained more than 21 points, which means you've lost.

Live Blackjack Strategies

Blackjack is a skill-based card game where the one with the best strategy wins. Theoretically, with a basic strategy, you can reduce the house edge to an insignificant 1%. Moreover, once mastered the card-counting technique, you can play for real money and win just about any round. There are plenty of blackjack trainers and RNG-based games on the internet that support the demo mode - try them out to come prepared for the blackjack live dealer version.

In addition, occasionally casinos run promotions with free bets on live blackjack as a bonus with which you can gain experience playing the live version of the game without risking your money. This makes sense since there is no demo version of live blackjack.

Basic Strategy

While knowing the rules of the game is enough to get you to the blackjack table, if you want to win money, you need to start by learning basic strategy. Since blackjack is all about the value of cards, there are plenty of game situations and options when it comes to action. However, experienced players have found the best course of action for each game situation and have compiled a sort of cheat sheet.

This is a basic live blackjack strategy, which can be found online in the form of a table with the player's hands listed in the first column and the dealer's hands in the first column. Using this table, you can easily find the optimal decision - Stand, Hit, Double or Hit. Since the table prescribes the actions that provide the highest winning chances, you should try it in a game.

Card Counting Technique

Developed by a mathematician, this strategy was refined by a group of MIT students, led by their professor, and has been used successfully to bankrupt casinos. The essence of the counting technique is to divide the deck into several groups of cards and assign them a certain number. For example, cards 2-6 are worth "-1", cards 7-9 are worth "0" and the remaining cards are worth "+1".

As you watch which cards the dealer dealt and keep count in your mind, you'll get a positive or negative number (or zero). So, if the number is positive, the player's chances of winning increase. Keep in mind that many versions of live blackjack are played with multiple card decks, making the calculation much more difficult.

Bad Live Blackjack Strategy

Some players develop their own strategies, but not all of them work as desired. Here are a few mistakes to avoid:

  • Don't copy the dealer's style of play, as the rules are slightly different for the dealer.
  • Don't be afraid to take an extra card with a 12-16 hand thinking you'll hit more than 21.
  • Don't overuse the insurance, as there is about a 70% chance of losing it.
  • Don't risk taking an extra card with your current hand value of 18-19, as this increases the house advantage to an incredible 10%.

Keeping the above Don'ts in mind will stop giving the house an extra edge, and you'll win more often at live blackjack.

Best Live Casino Blackjack in India

While the rules of the game may vary slightly between versions, the main thing you should pay attention to is the payout odds. For instance, some casinos offer a 6:5 blackjack payout option, while the best ones are 3:2. For example, with a bet of Rs 100, you can win Rs 150 instead of Rs 120 in the 6:5 version.

F.A.Q. Section

What is Live Blackjack?

This is a variation of the classic casino card game where you play against a real dealer. Unlike the RNG-based option, the gameplay is broadcast from a specially equipped studio, ensuring an authentic gaming experience.

How to play Live Blackjack Online?

Find an Indian online casino with a live casino section, register and make a deposit. Then you'll be able to choose your preferred version of the game and play like at a real gambling venue except that you'll be giving commands to the croupier via live chat.

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