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King Billy’s Baccarat Online

Welcome to his Majesty King Billy Casino and relish its captivating portfolio. Our online casino has a reputation for offering a broad range of baccarat online games and other virtual casino games that will potentially keep you coming back for more!

Owned and operated by Dama N.V., His Majesty King Billy Guardian of the Players promises a cutting-edge gaming experience. If you are new to gaming, you will realize Dama N.V. is a duly licensed online gaming operator with a license from eGaming Curacao; thus, it assures you of safety, fairness, and commitment to promoting responsible gaming practices.

A Brief History of Online Baccarat Journey to Online Casino

In general, various casino history chroniclers posit divergent opinions about the origins of baccarat. Nevertheless, many points to the fact that the game’s roots are traceable to Italy in the early 1400s. They claim that Felix Falguiere, the highly esteemed casino enthusiast in the1400s must have coined the name ‘Baccara’, which later morphed into Baccarat.

The word Baccara translates to zero (0) in Italian. Casino historians believe Felix baptized the game ‘Bacarra because tens and faces cards are worth zero in baccarat.

Baccarat found its way to France around the 1500s. Soldiers returning home at the conclusion of Italian wars in the era of King Charles VIII carried with them the newly learned gaming skills, and soon the game became popular in their jurisdiction. They later named it Chemin De Fer, a name that hitherto refers to a popular baccarat online game variant.

Given the post-1500s intra-European and extra-European migrations, baccarat spread its tentacles far and wide to the UK and the US. In the US, they baptized it Punto Banco, a name that is popular in King Billy baccarat's online section.

Hitherto, baccarat is present worldwide, with King Billy offering its exciting variants. The introduction of the internet age in the mid-1990s saw its popularity rise as more and more software providers launch their versions and updates every so often.

Key Online Baccarat Rules You Need to Know Before Real Wagering

There is no doubt that the baccarat online game is among the most popular live and table casino game options in the Philippines King Billy casino. The gameplay is effortless. Usually, beginners have fun learning the rules while seasoned gamblers love collecting their sumptuous wins from real money stakes.

Nevertheless, if you do not have an idea of how the game goes, you are lucky our King Billy step-by-step guide below will prove priceless.

As you plan to learn the steps, it is encouraging to note that baccarat is simply a card-comparing contest between the player's hand (Punto) and the banker’s hand (Banco). It, therefore, goes on as follows.

  • Baccarat online gambles start with the dealing of 2 cards. One to the player (player hand) and the other banker.
  • The gambler’s ultimate objective is to correctly predict who between the player and the banker reaches the coveted hand of 9 or the closest value in the ensuing card comparing duel. You can also bet on a tie between the two, but the odds of winning this bet are too thin, as we shall see later in this article.
  • It is imperative noting that as you play online baccarat Philippines, cards count at their face values. E.g., if a player or banker's hand has 4 and 3 card values then the hand’s total is 7. However, the rule is exempted in cases where the sum exceeds the natural 9. For instance, if either of the party’s hands has cards 7 and 6, the total is 13. In such cases, we consider the summation’s unit digit, which is 3 in our scenario.

Basic Baccarat Rules You Need To Master

As is the expectation with other casino games, basic rules guide online casino baccarat gambling. These rules majorly touch on the drawing of cards and the card-combo matric that determines the winner. As such, when playing ensure you acquaint yourself with some of these rules.

  • In case after the dealing of the two initial cards, neither the player nor the banker attains a hand of 8 or 9, the player’s rules will apply first, followed by the banker’s rules.
  • Player’s rule- If a player garners a hand of 5 or less in the initial drawing, they are entitled to draw a third card. If their hand value is 6 or 7, they stand.
  • On the other hand, the banker’s rule has similar directions. If the banker’s hand value is less than 5, they are entitled to draw a third card; if their value is 6 or 7, they stand.

Fundamental Baccarat Online Strategies to Leverage At King Billy

It is advisable to leverage expert strategies when you play baccarat online for real money. As such, we propose you take advantage of some of the following pro tips when having baccarat online fun at the King Billy Empire.

  • Avoid tie bets. Typically, baccarat players enjoy paltry house edges on the game’s two main bets (banker and player). The house edge on the banker bet is 1.06%, and 1.24% on the player bet. It ideally means that you should expect to lose 1.06 currency units for every 100 currency units staked on the bank bet and 1.24 units for every bet placed on the player’s hand. The tie bet house edge is conspicuously discouraging at 14.4%. Your chances of winning are minimal, meaning this bet is meant for risky gamblers.
  • Bet within your budget. When you play online casino baccarat there is no guarantee you will correctly predict the hand’s outcome. It is advisable to avoid overindulgence in gambling in the hope of chasing money lost in a streak of losing hands. Such behaviors could lead to committing significant resources to gamble, which could have a toll on your financial and social well-being.
  • Ensure to play on legit sites like King Billy which have a reputation for superlative bonuses, easy cashout procedures, and unmatched fairness.

Pro Tips to Winning Big On Online Baccarat Bets

The land of King Billy is awash with innumerable winning opportunities when you play online baccarat games. The good news is that we bring you the following exciting tips which could you see reducing the house edge to favour in the short-run.

  • If you are a beginner, ensure you play the demo baccarat online games available on our site. They give you a chance to acquaint yourself with the rules, procedures, and winning strategies.
  • Leverage the various King Billy bonuses that apply to baccarat variants to improve your bankroll.
  • Take advantage of the best baccarat online runs. This tip means you should stick to your instincts if you are lucky to find yourself on a winning streak. Simply, do not break the run! If your player bet keeps getting you good returns in subsequent drawings do not shift gears to the banker or tie bet.

Key Insights Into Online Baccarat Odds and Percentage Payout

Baccarat online real money odds and payout ratios at the Philippines King Billy depend on the type of bets you place. They are as follows:

  • Banker Bet - Your odds of winning a banker bet is 45.86%. If you win, the payout ratio is 1:1. Remember you will part with 5% of your winnings which is the chargeable table commission.
  • Player Bet - The odds of winning this bet is 44.63% with a 1:1 payout ratio. Winnings are, however, not subject to a deductible 5% commission.
  • Tie Bet - It has the lowest odds of 9.1%. The payout ratio is, nevertheless the highest at 8:1.

What You Need to Play Baccarat Online for Real Money

Online baccarat Philippines gambling is a great way to unwind after a busy day at work or during free time. Luckily King Billy has its doors widely open 24 hours to let you have incredible fun. As much as the sis is available all day long, you need to meet some basics before wagering on the real game.

First, you must be of majority 18 years for King Billy to accept your sign-up. Ensure also to tick the box prompting you to accept to be bound by the site’s terms and conditions. Besides, you might have to submit your scanned copy of your ID, passport, driving license, and a recent utility bill to verify your account and physical residence. This is imperative to help the casino keep away rogue users.

Why You Need Start Online Baccarat At King Billy in the Philippines

King Billy's nobles enjoy limitless goodies in this jurisdiction. If you join the family, you have guaranteed customer support 24/7 via live chat. The interface is friendly with clear labels and default search filters making your site’s navigation effortless. What is more, King Billy is full of bespoke bonuses and a tiered VIP program with personalized perks. Join them today and enjoy unrivalled online gambling goodies and experiences.


Is It Legal to Play Baccarat Online In The Philippines?

Yes, regulated gambling in this country is legal. The establishment of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) in 1975 ensures the regulation of local gambling service providers. The regulator also has the task of assessing foreign-based operators and ascertaining whether they have duly complied with the laws of the land before issuing them with the requisite license.

Can I Get Good Baccarat Online Bonuses On Online Casino?

Baccarat gambling has a rich history intertwined with that of casinos. From the early brick-and-mortar casinos, baccarat was popular. The advent of the internet age led to a gambling revolution in which the game migrated from physical to virtual spaces. Given the severity of online casinos and cut-throat competition, top-rated casinos like King Billy have tailor-made bonuses which you can leverage on baccarat variants.

How Does The Physical Casino and Virtual Casino Baccarat Experiences Differ?

If you have played baccarat games in a physical casino you will not have a hard time comprehending the virtual version. The rules and overall gameplay are typically the same. Nevertheless, the King Billy virtual baccarat variants might be more attractive owing to the beautiful graphics incorporated to ensure cross-generational appeal.

Are Baccarat Variants Available in Demo Mode at King Billy?

Yes, you can. Our friendly King Billy casino gives you a chance to try new games for free. If it is your first time you can leverage the opportunity to learn more about the game before committing your real cash wagers. Click the table games section and you will find various baccarat variants with a demo label. Try these options and you will be good to go once you have learned the basics.

Why Is Baccarat Popularity Peaking In The Philippines King Billy Casino?

Baccarat is popular in this country owing to its presence in leading-edge casinos like King Billy. It is readily available and rules are easy to grasp even for new players. Moreover, the reduced house edge of main bets; 1.06% for the banker’s bet and 1.24% for the player's bet means better chances of getting an exciting return on gambler’s wagers.

What Are Some of the Tested and Proved Baccarat Strategies to Leverage at King Billy?

Experts and experienced baccarat players propose a raft of strategies that have proved fruitful over time. They are more emphatic on sticking with the banker bet relative to others. The house edge is marginal and players stand a good chance of getting awesome returns. However, remember in gambling, there is no absolute strategy because the element of risk is the key denominator in all gambling forms.

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