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Live Dealer Blackjack in the Philippines

Blackjack is an exciting game available in many variants. It is a card-comparing game with a rich history dating back to the 1700s. Over centuries and years, the game has morphed progressively to reflect the dynamic gambling demands while incorporating the latest technologies. Live dealer blackjack, for instance, is an immersive game with authentic and realistic gameplay courtesy of real human dealers that gamblers enjoy via a live stream.

Filipino gamblers love it because it blurs the line between virtual and real gambling experiences. More importantly, they flock to King Billy - a leading virtual gambling site because of its friendly interface and plummy bonuses that boost their live gambling bankrolls in real-time.

Why You Should Try King Billy’s Blackjack with Live Dealer

Every modern game had its simplistic beginnings. Nevertheless, as technology advances, more and more gambling software providers in the Philippines endeavour to deliver exciting live dealer blackjack games reflective of gamblers’ tastes and preferences. Failure to respect current market trends and waves on live dealer gaming options would render online gambling operators obsolete.

Having this in mind, newbies might ask, what are the advantages of live dealer variants? Luckily we expertly list them below.

  • Live dealer blackjack variants offer a more compelling authentic and realistic experience. Players have the luxury of interacting with real dealers in real-time.
  • Social gambling. Most blackjack variants allow up to 7 players per round. As such, live gambling allows you to interact with other players via the chat feature on your interface.
  • Heightened transparency. Live dealer variants allow gamblers to stream directly from King Billy live lobby where they can see every move the gambler makes. The game is ultimately fair as you can see what cards are dealt.
  • Broad range to choose from. At the benevolent King Billy live lobby, you enjoy the luxury of choosing from various blackjack providers. Atlantic City, Classic Blackjack, and High Streak variants are some of the options with diverse bet limits and variations.

Steps To Play Live Dealer Blackjack

It is imperative to understand how the game goes before risking your real money wagers at King Billy. First, the game’s objective is to compete against the dealer towards getting the natural hand of 21 or the closest value without bursting. We shall discuss shortly what this means.

Here is how it goes:

  • The round starts when the player (s) place their bets.
  • The dealer deals each of the players on the table with two face-down cards from a standard deck of 52 cards.
  • Dealer also takes two cards _ one face up and the other face down (hole card).
  • Players will then compare their hand values. If any of the parties has the natural 21 value they are declared winners without considering what other players have.
  • A player may choose to stand, hit, surrender, double down or opt for an insurance bet.
  • Once players are done revealing their cards, live blackjack dealers will reveal their hole cards and follow the game’s specified rules as to whether they should stand or Hit.
  • Eventually, the dealer’s hand is considered. If it exceeds 21, the player (s) win. If the dealer’s hand is below 21, the other player’s hands are compared against the dealer. The player with a higher hand value wins.

What You Need To Sharpen Live Dealer Blackjack Skills

There are some specific terminologies that you ought to familiarize yourself with when playing live-streaming blackjack variants. They refer to various hand values and next-move instructions that every player should grasp.

  • Burst - If either of the parties, gets a hand combo of more than 21 they are deemed to have burst. If a player bursts, they lose, and in cases where the dealer bursts, the player is the winner.
  • Face Cards - These are cards 2 to 10 which count as their face values.
  • Pip Value cards - cards J, K, and Q count as 10, thus taking the pip value.
  • Ace can count as 1 or 11 depending on the player’s decision. Of course, the player will go by the decision which optimizes their hand’s winning chance.
  • Hit - This means you request an extra card from live blackjack dealers.
  • Stand - It means the player is satisfied with their hand values, therefore, they do not request extra cards.
  • Split - Splitting cards in blackjack with live dealers is ideal when the first two cards you receive are a pair. Split cards give the option of playing with two hands.
  • Doubling Down - When you double down in blackjack gaming, it means you are doubling your wagers and you will resultantly get an extra hand.
  • Surrender - You may surrender when playing blackjack with live dealers. It is, however, advisable, you surrender when your winning chances are slim. As such, when you surrender, you express your willingness to discontinue the hand. Resultantly, you lose half of your wagers. You could opt for an early surrender in which you decide to leave the game before the dealer checks their hole cards or a late surrender where you leave after the dealer checks their hole cards.
  • Insurance - You may leverage side bets when engaging blackjack dealers. Side bets are typically independent of your primary bets but are only applicable when the dealer’s revealed card is an Ace. Ideally, you predict the dealer’s hand value will be 21. If you are correct, you win the side bet but lose the original bet unless you also score a 21 hand. If the dealer’s hand is not 21, you will lose the side but still stand a chance to win your original bet.

Master These Live Blackjack Tips To Win Big

Despite blackjack requiring a bit of luck to win, you require some basic tips and strategies to broaden your winning chances. That is why below we highlight some of the expert tips that have proved workable over years. They include.

Get Familiar With The Rules First

Live lobby blackjack is a game of rules. You must grasp the rules before risking your real money wagers. Luckily, King Billy Empire offers Filipino players the chance to train with demos and acquaint themselves with the rules before real wagering.

As a beginner, you ought to know basic rules like Js, Qs, and Ks count as 10; Ace can count as 11 or 1. You also need to know when to Hit, Stand, Surrender, or Double Down. These strategic decisions significantly influence your winning chances.

Stick to Your Budget

Approach King Billy live lobby with a budget to avoid over-gambling. Fortunately, the site allows Filipino players to set their daily, weekly, or monthly limits. This is a laudable way of promoting responsible gambling.

Besides, gambling is a risky venture with no guaranteed return rate. If you find yourself on a losing streak do not excessively place the wagers in the hope of chasing the lost money. You might end up losing more money thus, impacting your financial life negatively.

Peruse Our Expert Reviews

Our King Billy blackjack reviews for Filipino players are eye-opening. We cover every aspect of the game to put you ahead of the curve. If you haven’t taken advantage of them, we implore you to regularly read through them to get the right strategies and rules that incredibly improve your winning chances.

How It Feels Playing Live Dealer Blackjack On Mobile Devices in the Philippines

The good thing about King Billy’s live-streamed blackjack is that it is mobile-optimized. Regardless of the device they use, Filipino players can instantly access their King Billy accounts and enjoy the game uninterrupted while on the go or when relaxing at home. There is no need to download the game. Just select your variant and your interface will light up to bring you to live action from the enticing King Billy live streaming rooms.

What is more, King Billy does limit your live lobby choices to live lobby blackjack. You have a plethora of other exciting options. You can choose live Roulette, live Sic Bo, live Baccarat, and Live Poker options.

Why Filipino Gamblers Choose King Billy Live Dealer Blackjack

The land of King Billy is one of the best online casino sites to play live dealer blackjack in the Philippines. This site is secure and takes pride in a license from Curacao eGaming. Thus, it promotes fair and responsible gambling. Besides, it protects its users via state-of-the-art encryption technology.

Furthermore, King Billy has proved the best live blackjack casino courtesy of proactive customer support 24/7. If you have a complaint, you can reach the support desk through the live chat and they will respond to your issue within minutes. You will also realize that the user interface has intuitive filters and clear labels that let users navigate their choices hassle-free.

If you have been looking for a perfect bonus-full site in this country, His Majesty King Billy welcomes you with a whopping 250% cash match up to ₱137,500 spread in the first four bonuses. It is simply an unmissable offer for new Filipino registrations.


How to play live dealer blackjack in the Philippines?

Live casino blackjack rules and gameplay are those of a traditional game. It starts with players placing their bets and the dealer dealing two face-down cards. He then deals himself a hole card and one face-down card. The game proceeds per set rules with an aim of finding who between the players and the dealer has a total hand value of 21 or the closest value.

What is card counting in blackjack and is it possible in live variants?

Card counting whether in live or regular blackjack is not recommended or encouraged at King Billy. It literally means counting and keeping a track of cards to ascertain which have been dealt with. In the modern era, it is, however, becoming harder as sites use multiple and continuous shuffling decks making it humanly impossible to count.

How is my safety guaranteed when playing live dealer blackjack at King Billy?

Yes. Playing this game for fun or real money is safe. All you need to ensure is that you register with King Billy and enjoy the standard security features across its servings. Do not worry about your security because the site has requisite encryptions and licensing ensuring adherence to strict customer protection and fairness.

Are online live lobby blackjack variants fair?

King Billy’s live lobby blackjack is fair for all Filipino players. The fact that you see everything as it unfolds through a dedicated livestream attests to unmatched gambling transparency. Besides, the operator, Dama N.V, has a license from eGaming Curacao. This license implies ultimate compliance with third-party testing to avoid rigged gambling.

Is it practically possible to get a return on my live online blackjack wagers?

Yes. You can win real money by playing live lobby blackjack at King Billy. In fact, many Filipinos flock to the site daily and go back home all smiles courtesy of big wins from their wagers. You can win too. Nevertheless, if you are new to this game, we advise you play the available demo version to understand the rules and basic strategies.

Which is the best site for a virtual live lobby blackjack you recommend for Filipino gamblers?

Without doubts we can recommend King Billy. Their selection is broad while customer support is available to answer your questions 24/7. In addition, they have the coolest cash match offers and a friendly interface that loads effortlessly and faster on any device. Try them and you won’t look back.

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