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Jackpot Slots

Gambling has been a favorite pastime and part of the national fabric of Australia. Recent statistics suggest that 80% of Australian adults gamble once a year, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that online gambling has thrived in the country as well. Over and above that, Australians treasure their beloved slots, which are also known as pokies in local slang.

Today, Australian players have better access to their favorite online slots games, all thanks to the proliferation of internet-enabled gadgets and more favorable gambling industry regulations. Now, combine these advantages with the possibility of hitting a life-changing amount, exciting features, and generous bonuses, and you start seeing why jackpot slots are the most popular games on the continent.

All you need to do is simply hit the right symbol combination or bonus items, and you could be on your way to joining the millionaires club. In fact, the financial prospect of jackpot slots has been touted as the primary motivation for most players to try online gambling.

At King Billy Casino Australie, you can play the finest online jackpot slots from leading software developers in the industry. Whilst most online casinos coerce players to make a maximum wager amount, King Billy Casino Australia lets you in on progressive jackpot slots without placing a ceiling on the minimum amount you can bet.

Jackpot Slots - Slot Machines: What Are They?

As the name suggests, a jackpot slot is a slot machine that has a jackpot prize, which is the biggest payout in any online casino. Also known as progressive jackpot slots, the jackpot amount grows incrementally every time a player places a bet on the jackpot. Once the amount is won, the jackpot defaults back to its default level and starts building up again.

Australian players can also enjoy progressive jackpots slots, which are pooled from a network of machines, meaning that the ultimate top prize could be won by you or somebody else playing in the same casino. Fortunately, King Billy Casino Australia offers both fixed and progressive jackpot slots.

Types of Online Jackpot Slots

Depending on your casino of choice, there are s primary types of progressive jackpots. Whilst all of them follow the same basic principles, they do have their own distinct personalities. They include:

Stand-Alone Progressive Jackpot Slots

These types of progressive slot jackpots are restricted to a specific machine, meaning they’re linked to any other machine. And just like any other progressive jackpot out there, the pot amount in a stand-alone progressive jackpot grows by biting a fraction of the bet amounts placed by players on that specific machine.

In-House Progressive Jackpots

In-house progressive jackpots work by connecting a huge network of slot machines to create one huge jackpot. And although this sounds similar to the stand-alone progressive jackpots, these slot machines are mainly tied to a specific casino. Some casinos go as far as linking their in-house progressive jackpots to their online platform machines, mobile slots, and even brick-and-mortar casinos.

Wide Area Networked (WAN) Progressive Jackpots

Unlike the stand-alone and in-house progressive jackpots that operate within certain confines, Wide Area Networked Progressive Jackpots overlook these confines and are linked to a network of online casinos to create one big jackpot. As such, a player at King Billy Casino Australia can find the same Jackpot in any other casino, as long as it is part of the linked network. Typically, WAN progressive casino jackpots grow at a rapid rate, allowing players to win even bigger amounts.

Can You Play Jackpot Slots Free?

You’ve read this article so far and are probably wondering “ Is there an online casino Australia that allows me to play jackpot slots for free?” The simple answer is yes. Almost all online casinos allow players to test out the game experience by offering both free slots jackpot casino games.

Along with allowing you to test out the gaming experience, free jackpot slots allow you to hone your gaming skills before venturing into real money jackpots. The only difference between real money slots jackpots and free slots jackpots is that the latter doesn’t come with any monetary gains. And in a world where the dictum is the higher the risk the higher the return rules, this modus operandi makes a lot of sense. After all, you’ll be using an infinite amount of free credits to play, all without risking your bankroll.

The good thing about King Billy Casino Australia is that players can play virtually all the games both for real money and fun.

How To Win Jackpot Online Slots

Now that we have painted everything about jackpot slots with a broad brush, let’s now drill down to the all-important aspect: how to win a slots jackpot. As you may already know, the outcome of slot games will always be 100% random. Yes, whether you’re playing jackpot slots x5 variant or the jackpot slots casino x2 option, slot jackpots are games of pure chance. However, there are several tips that you can use to boost your chances of winning real money including;

  • To win the maximum slot jackpot amount, you need to place the maximum bet
  • The winning payout for progressive jackpots is very little if you don’t place the maximum bet.‌
  • Always play in a slot machine with a diverse range of prizes
  • Always look for machines that offer moderately decent aggregate payouts
  • Play slot machines within your budget range and allow you to play the maximum number of spins.‌
  • Always play online slots machines with an RTP of 95% or even higher
  • Try the free mode games first before risking real money
  • Study the payout table and read and understand all the instructions
  • Spread your playtime across several days as opposed to playing for many consecutive hours.‌
  • Take advantage of free bonuses that are eligible for online casino real money jackpots. ‌

Final Thoughts

And that brings us to the end of our online pokies Australia jackpot review. As you can see, it doesn’t take rocket science to begin your hunt for the almighty jackpot slots. In hindsight, however, you also need to remember that slots are purely a game of chance so you’re not guaranteed a win. But with the tips highlighted above, it’s only a matter of time before Lady Luck smiles your way.

Whilst there are many online casinos in Australia where you can try your luck, not all are born equal. There are those out to scam you of your money, either through outright denial of paying out or through ungodly wagering requirements. For this reason, we would recommend sticking with King Billy. Along with offering the best jackpot slots on the market, we also offer generous bonuses to new, existing, and loyal punters. Our registration process is a piece of cake, plus you don’t have to toil looking for your favorite jackpots, all thanks to the search and filter features on our platform.

FAQ Section

Can I use bonuses on jackpot slots?

Yes! However, very few online casinos include a progressive jackpot as part of their free offers. Still, winning a progressive jackpot requires you to place the maximum betting amount, not forgetting some bonuses have restrictive payout limits. As such, you may win the jackpot using a bonus, but the payout will be significantly less.

How do progressive jackpots work?

Basically, the pot amount in a progressive jackpot grows incrementally every time a player places a bet on the jackpot. Once the amount is won, the jackpot defaults back to its default level and starts building up again.

How to win a jackpot?

The outcomes of all jackpot, slots or otherwise, are random, which makes them a game of chance. However, there are a few nuggets that you can use to boost your chances of walking out with some money. Be sure to check the tips as outlined in this article.

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