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When you hear the word jackpot being mentioned an idea of a huge pile of cash or dollars will come into your mind, this large chunk of money is most likely capable of transforming your life and that of people around you. Just to jog your memory a bit - Note that when a friend, family member, or colleague invites you to make some money and play Slots with jackpot wins, that is an open cheque of lucrative ending to your money problems. Jackpot Slots are in two kinds, one is where a good payout is involved - the is jackpot itself, and progressive jackpot games in which the jackpot amount increases each time someone plays with real money-the good news with it is that the amount can increase to a large amount which a lucky player can take home.

Free Jackpot slots game

In order to play jackpot slots games.You will need to sign up to a platform you like for example King Billy Casino - Where We have made the hustle easy for you by having a filter for the game- Just filter for “Jackpot games' and get started.

If by any chance you have some experience in playing slots online for real money, I believe you have some knowledge on how to play slots for free. The major distinctive difference with other jackpots is that in free jackpot slot games, you don't have to be worried about putting any bets. To get started simply click on the spin button and watch as the reels go. It is important to note that as you enjoy a free jackpot slots game you are not using or even trying to win any real money.

How to Win Jackpot Casino Slots

These are some simple guidelines you can apply to help you win jackpots at your favourite casino.

Practice with free games if you are new to understand how the game is played.

Start by playing or participating in small jackpots,this is because they always pay more frequently as compared to big jackpots that have large sums of money.

Have a budget from the money you have that you can easily use to play jackpots.

No strategy or system can increase your chances of winning a jackpot casino slot on any online machine game. When it comes to learning how to win at slots just know that it is not an easy task since all online slot machines are renowned to be completely random when generating numbers - no amount of skill will give you an advantage or upper hand when it comes to some of these very lucrative casino games.

In this section of our ever updated article, we will highlight some of the best ways that you can improve your potential of winning at Jackpot Casino Slots.

Choose your Jackpot Casino Slot Game carefully:

It always pays a lot of money when you go for those games with a high RTP rate, we advise that you check the RTP % at the online casino before you can start playing.

Practice a lot with free games:

If you are a new player or trying a particular slot game for the first time, before being confident and start playing slots for real money, at KingBilly Casino we have provided an option for our customers to try the slot machines for free. This is great fun and also allows you to understand the rules and the game much better without wagering your money.

Study carefully the paytable of the game:

All the slot machines you will find online comes with their own unique paytable. Note that on each of the paytable you will be shown what each of the provided symbols is worth and also which ones are the most enticing or lucrative. Besides, more information will be provided to help you know whether the game you wish to play has any wild symbols and even scatters.

Have a budget and stick to it always:

You can easily get consumed with the thrill that comes with playing your favourite slot game. As a result of this, you can forget the amount of money you are spending in the casino. Here at KingBilly Casino we strongly advise that you set yourself a budget and stick with it to the end.

Maximize on your bet:

When playing, always place the maximum wager, because with any progressive jackpot you can only claim the jackpot when the maximum wager has been placed.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive jackpots refer to the type of jackpots that increases in value each time the game is played and a new gambler joins in before the running jackpot is won. These jackpot types give it's players a good chance to make some good money in case one is lucky to win.

Progressive slots and slot machines have a jackpot that increases as players play the game. These can be in a standalone machine, whereby the jackpot amount increases on just that one particular machine, or it can be in a network of machines, where the jackpot amount increases across the entire network. Some of these networks can only be for a specific casino or they can be networked across several casinos. A good example is Megabucks by IGT that has been networked across multiple casinos.

In simple words progressive Jackpots have MASSIVE payouts of any jackpot you can think of out there jackpots.In the common jackpots you will find that an amount is set and does not change until someone wins the bet- The best part of Progressive jackpots is that the amount is never fixed or agreed upon before players can start but the amount will gradually continue to increase as more players join the game.

The good news is that playing any progressive jackpot slots online is just the same as when playing any other slot game, the difference comes with your potential of making some massive amount. It is ready to play at KingBilly Casino site and also Canadian land-based casinos, they are now very common among many slot players all over the world and across Canada.

If you are a new player, the basics of how you can play progressive slots are just simple - spin the reels provided and try your best to match up the symbols shown on a pay line. A fixed amount will be paid for each combination. When it comes to progressive Jackpot slots, what makes them different from the regular jackpot is how the amount accumulates over time as the game progresses and new players join in.

The games will take a small percentage of each bet to add to the jackpot, which enables these jackpots to be very large as compared to other slot machine games at the online casino. Another feature that you will find in all progressive slots is the availability of a jackpot meter, which shows the value of the current jackpot - The meter has bright colours and is always located above the slot machines when everyone can see it.

Types of Progressive Jackpot slots

We have many different types of progressive jackpots and all of them follow the same principle but are slightly different because in some of them the jackpots increase faster than others. The three main different types of progressive jackpots top casino games are:

Stand Alone Progressive Jackpot: These are standalone slots as the name suggests clearly. These progressive jackpots are not linked to any other machines and each machine has its running jackpot which can only be won when playing in that particular machine. In Standalone progressive slot machines, a certain fraction of the bet from players is taken to help build up the jackpot to be won. The current jackpot amount is always displayed on the side of the slot machine reels, this will help players know what they can win when playing.

In-House Progressive Jackpots: This refers to a channel or group of slot machines that have been connected to form part of one major jackpot. Note that these slot machines are normally connected within a single casino. They can be played online, at a land-based casino and even on mobile slots.

Wide Area Networked Progressive Jackpots: These are gaming slot machines that are linked together from various online casinos. To understand this better; the same slot machine across some different casinos will be linked together so that one jackpot amount is formed. On many occasions, this jackpot always goes up and reaches millions of dollars that if fortunate to win will change your life forever.


What is Jackpot Slots

Jackpot slot refers to the highest or biggest win possible that a player can win for a one single spin on a given casino slot machine.


To play choose a slot you like and following the rules of it you can get started.

How to win the jackpot slots

As Flip Wilson once said «You cannot expect to win a jackpot if you do not put a few or some dollars» In order to win the jackpot you have to give it a shot. Choose a jackpot game you like, deposit some funds and give it a try. You cannot know when your luck will come. For some jackpot game s visit.

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