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King Billy: A casino you can trust!

November 01, 2020

King Billy: A casino you can trust!

The age-old question: Who can you trust? The also age-old answer: You can trust your family, your close friends, your spouse or partner, your reliable coworkers, your mentor, your teachers and instructors, your spiritual leader, and more. But, when it comes to the world of online gaming, you know that you can also trust King Billy!

Reliable, reputable and trustworthy since Day 1, our casino has now a special token of trust to prove this. It is with pleasure that we announce to you that King Billy Casino has been awarded the Chipy’s Token of Trust!

Who is Chipy, you may ask. It is a portal, dedicated to online casinos, which prides itself on being the best source of information on online casinos. Chipy has an always up-to-date casino database, unbiased and authentic reviews, exclusive deals for its players, the latest news in the industry and the biggest active community of players.

Moreover, Chipy has a Token of Trust badge, which can be effortlessly spotted in all casino lists on its site. How difficult is it to get this badge? Not easy at all! Here is what it entails:

  1. A minimum score of 3,5 for the candidate casino, based on at least 500 votes
  2. A minimum of no less than 20 written reviews
  3. An active representative in the Chipy community who responds to any negative review within 5 days
  4. Six months of presence on the Chipy site with no issues
  5. Proof of promoting responsible gambling
  6. Fair terms and conditions
  7. Regulation by a reputable licensing authority.

So, as you can see the list of requirements is long, but His Majesty “passed his exams” with flying colors! King Billy Casino. Licensed and trusted!

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