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Oh, love! What a wonderful, wonderful feeling. It can flourish anywhere, even on a casino live roulette table or a casino live baccarat table. It should come as no surprise. You see, some people fall in love with an alien and turn it into a song (I’m in love with an alien, I’m in love with her eyes), while others fall in love with their teacher as teenagers, marry her after 20 years and become presidents of France.

The list is endless! People fall in love with their gym trainers, or their yoga instructors, or psychologists, or even their kidnappers. So, it is inevitable that some people may fall in love with their croupiers. They like to watch the croupiers’ hands with utter fascination as they shuffle effortlessly the decks of cards on a casino live blackjack table.

They still watch, enchanted as their objects of desire are spinning the roulette balls on the casino live roulette tables with precise speed each time and they are waiting eagerly for the moment of the big win to tip their croupiers. Yes folks, casino live dealers can sometimes be adored as if they were movie stars!

But it’s not only love. Some players just want to feel that there is a human being opposite of them and not a robot. They want a human wall for their emotions to bounce, be it their joy, their sorrow, their irritation or their anger. And the best persons to take up this role, are, of course the casino live dealers across the table – especially if they are offering casino live top games!

Feel alive with our casino live card games!

Casino Live Roulette is the Queen of casino live games for many a players. But casino live blackjack or casino live baccarat are often a very close second! There are neither one, nor two but more than 40 Blackjack tables in our King’s Halls, which will cover all the needs of players who seek casino live games with best odds.

Are you the classic blackjack player who sits back and enjoys the atmosphere and the ambience? Take your seat with us! Are you a seasoned player, who wants to go straight to the VIP tables with wager limits up to a thousand EUROS and look our casino live dealers in the eye? You are in the right place!

And what about baccarat? There is something about this game which makes it the first selection among electronic casino live games for the players in the know. So, here at the Kingdom, we fuel your passion for playing baccarat with ten tables for those who care about casino live games best odds!

Our casino live games list would not be complete without our poker offerings! Come to the Kingdom Citizens or Future Citizens, Barons, Dukes and Princes without the need to “hold your horses”, because we are giving you the best Live Texas Holdem on the market! Finally, if you want to warm up before you really hit the tables, we are offering all your favorite casino live games online free. Come and practice!

This is the world of casino live games at King Billy Casino! We feature almost a 100 casino live top games, as well as casino live games promotion ideas that will thrill you and make you want to abandon everything you do and start playing! Combined with the quality, support and overall game experience in the Kingdom, it comes as no surprise that King Billy Casino is YOUR Live Casino. Play long, play live and prosper folks!

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