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October 13, 2017

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It’s that time of the year again where the scare-o-meter rises and battalions of witches drop from the sky. So, with Halloween just around the corner, the King’s Scholars and Bloggers decided to collect the 13 +1 (The King always adds one!) scariest scares of them all.

Lines, poems, numbers, books, ski slopes, hiking paths, are here to scare the bejeezus out of you in the ultimate King Billy’s Scare Collection (with links)! And to reward you, once you go through our list, there is a 100% Halloween Bonus for you plus 11 Free Spins from His Majesty. Let’s go Citizens!

1) Scariest line in a movie: I see dead people.
2) Scariest greeting in a movie: Hello Clarice!
3) Scariest animal: The viperfish.
4) Scariest poem: The Raven.
5) Scariest book: Pet Sematary.
6) Scariest scene in Game of Thrones: Red Wedding.
7) Scariest number in the history of mankind: 404.
8) Scariest technician to try and find on a weekend: Plumber.
9) Scariest YouTube scary popup: This one.
10) Scariest ski slope: Harakiri, Austria.
11) Scariest hiking path: Huashan Trail, China.
12) Scariest job: bomb squad technician.
13) Scariest legendary creature: Medusa.
14) Scariest hotel room: Skylodge suites, Peru.

So, now that you‘ve made it to the end of our scary list, it is time for you to get the King’s Treat for Halloween! How does it work?

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Happy Halloween Citizens!

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