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July 17, 2018


His Majesty has retreated to his beautiful Summer Estate and is enjoying the beautiful summer of the Kingdom. However, thinking all the time of the well being of his loyal Citizens, he has ordered the Guild of Writers to come up with 33 things not to miss in the summer. And here is the list. Do them all folks!

#33. Ride in a cabrio.

The feeling of the wind in your hair is just beyond words.

#32. Travel to Iceland.

They don’t film Game of Thrones over there for nothing

#31. Have a Daiquiri Floridita.

Hemingway never said “no” to a Daiquiri at Havana’s Floridita bar. Why should you?

#30. Read some science fiction.

Grab a cool book (John Scalzi’s “The collapsing Empire” recommended) and reach out for the stars!

#29. Save the date for Glastonbury Festival.

No festival this year as the ground has to recover. Save the date for 2019!

#28. Watch the US Open.

With Novak, Rafa and Roger, all in full power, it is a tennis summer must!

#27. Eat yogurt.

With honey or with nuts or with a blueberry sauce… just eat it!

#26. Use sunscreen.

Enjoy “La Vie” without UV! Use sunscreen, block the sun’s UV and enjoy life!

#25. Listen to 80’s summer songs.

Duran Duran’s “Rio”, Dead or Alive’s “You Spin me Round”, oh, music was never so good.

#24. Set the alarm clock earlier

Summer smells and feels fantastic in the morning. Don’t miss it!

#23. Dance until you drop.

Polka? Rock? Disco? Tango? Just dance it.

#22. Feed the ducks.

You ‘ll do a good deed, plus they are so funny.

#21. Start painting.

Canvas, paints… go! Summer landscapes are so beautiful to paint. You may not become Claudet Monet, but you’ll love it.

#20. Watch a movie outdoors.

And don’t forget to use a lot of mosquito repellent.

#19. Build a sandcastle.

His Majesty especially likes this.

#18. Reunite with the class.

It’s fun to see how gracefully (or not) they have aged.

#17. Sleep late.

Yes, we know we advised you to wake up earlier before. But why not make the most of summer?

#16. Fly in a A380.

Yeah, that’s Airbus A380. Learn how it feels (if you haven’t yet) to fly in a Super Jumbo.

#15. Do a Class 6 rafting.

Not for the faint of heart.

#14. Go on a Tapas Route.

The basic idea? Local restaurants create a special tapa, and compete to have the best tapa. Of course, you have to be in Spain.

#13. Buy a telescope.

Put that backyard, finally, into good use.

#12. Learn a magic trick.

It’s not as hard as you think. And you’ll impress them all!

#11. Rerun “Friends” 10 seasons.

Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross. This is the kind of marathon summer we love.

#10. Watch the sunrise.

It could be in Santorini, or on your rooftop. But do watch it.

#09. Watch the sunset.

Same as above.

#08. Party with the locals.

When in Rome, party like the Romans do. Or wherever!

#07. Swing those clubs.

Golfing in the summer is just superb. Watch out for the knee pain though!

#06. Visit Vienna.

So far away from the sea. And so fantastic in summer.

#05. Take a road trip.

Italy recommended.

#04. Sleep under the stars.

Oh, there’s the Polar Bear! Oh, there’s Arcturus! Oh, there’s a bird pooping on me!

#03. Attend Burning Man.

The location: Northwest Nevada. An experiment in art and community you shouldn’t miss.

#02. Get 33 Free Spins at King Billy!

With a deposit of EUR 50+. And that’s not all. Because you can also…

#01. Get 33% Bonus at King Billy!

With the same deposit!

So, there you have it folks, 33 things to do this summer. Miss them on your own peril!

33% BONUS!

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