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Nov 04 , 2019

His Majesty King Billy, First of His Name, Rightful Ruler of the Kingdom, Guardian of the Realm, Supreme Commander of the Royal Forces and Protector of the Players has a soft spot for numbers!

“What do numbers and percentages mean?” he has often wondered holding his favorite stress ball skull, a gift from the Prince of Denmark.

So, he has summoned the Guild of Writers to the Royal Chambers and asked them to satisfy his curiosity. And lo and behold Citizens! Read below what numbers and percentages really mean!

1% is…. The amount of websites users who actively create new content.

3% is… The probability of throwing double sixes in dice.

5% is… The electoral threshold in Germany, Poland and New Zealand.

10% is… What happens to you in life (and 90% how you react).

13% is… The percentage of alcohol in a Pinot Noir or Chardonnay.

15% is… The total of all Google queries which are completely new.

20% is… The percentage of Valentine’s Day gifts which are purchased for pets.

25% is… The chance of getting two heads by flipping a coin twice.

28% is… The portion of Americans who are constantly online.

31% is… The amount of people who do not know their neighbors at all.

40% is… The percentage of the world children population living in Africa in 2050.

44% is… The ratio of Twitter users who have never tweeted.

48% is… The chance that your lost remote control is stuck between your sofa cushions.

And finally…

50% is The decrease in wager percentage for our new Black Friday campaign!

Yes, you heard this right folks!

-50% wager on ALL our bonuses!

Get it now!

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