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King’s 300. Come And Get Them!

June 30, 2017

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Remember King Leonidas from the movie “300”? Or the weird Persian King? Or the sensational Spartans with their six-pack abs who spoke little and killed many? Of course, you do! When the movie came out, it proved to be a worldwide phenomenon, introducing us to the world of comic book writer and inker Frank Miller.

To be honest, it was not only the artist who made a splash. The same can be said about blood, buckets of it, which splashed around every square centimeter of the big cinema screens, leaving nothing untouched, and mind you we are talking about very huge screens here, especially the IMAX versions!

Not to mention of course, that the King Leonidas’ iconic “This is Sparta” phrase spawned thousands of similar phrases from “This is Varta” (yes, the battery) to “This is Jakarta” (yes, Jakarta, Indonesia). Actually, it is such a catchy phrase that we decided to use it too. So… this is Casinia, the land of King Billy!


OK, so here we come the juicy part. What does King Billy have in mind for you this summer? The answer is “King’s 300”, a brand new amazing promotion, which will reward the brave and thrill the courageous. King Billy Casino’s big prizes are 300$ Amazon Gift Cards along with guaranteed 25$ Amazon Gift Cards for all participants!

How do you win? As easy as counting to three! By depositing $70 or equivalent, in July or August you earn a ticket for our two Grand Raffles of July 30 and August 31, where two lucky Citizens will win a $300 AMAZON GIFT CARD! But there’s more. By collecting 5 tickets every week, you win a guaranteed $25 Amazon Gift Card.

And… did we mention guaranteed Free Spins? Yes, you‘re getting those too, and guess where? At the fabulous Betsoft’s Gladiator slot, the one with the epic “pom pom pam pam” music which keeps the neighbors awake and complaining when you play at 3am in the morning!

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King Billy Casino has raised your adrenaline level! Fingers ready, swords unsheathed, morale high in the stratosphere. All is set for you to be one of King Billy’s 300 brave warriors who will get the prizes and defend the Kingdom. But... every warrior needs some time to rest and relax from battle. So, this is we prepared some fun facts for you about the universe of “300”.

Rodrigo Santoro, the actor who played King Xerxes of the Persians sported 33 piercings for the role (all fake). And while the swords look so deadly on the screen, all of them were plastic! And the funniest of all? When King Leonidas is walking next to the Persian messenger, there is a Persian cat on the roof above them.

And the best fun fact, we kept for last. It’s not about the movie but about Amazon’s choices for you to spend your Gift Cards on. Just look at those numbers: 30 million items in the Amazon clothing, shoes & jewelry department, 24 million in sports & outdoors, 60 million in home & kitchen, 96 million in electronics and 1.7 million in the beauty department. At King Billy Casino, we know how to choose our prizes!

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