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March 17, 2017


Dear guest, welcome to the land of King Billy, known by many names and by many legends. Some like to call it Casinia. We call it the land of joy, the land of the slots, table games and jackpots, the land where the worries are little and the bonuses are big!

King Billy has been ruling his empire with grace and wisdom fitting to a king. By choosing his trusted counselors wisely, King Billy has created a vast kingdom of fun and profit for the players of this world!

His Majesty’s kingdom is growing day by day through peaceful and voluntary annexations of regions around the world. From the Far North to East and the South, King Billy’s kingdom is expanding at a rapid pace, bringing more and more satisfied players under His Majesty’s protection!

In King Billy’s casino, everyone can reach the highest status of nobility. You can start today be becoming a King Billy citizen and then… the sky is the limit. By playing and having fun, you can become a Baron, Duke, Prince and finally a King yourself, sitting right next to King Billy! And if you happen to be a lady… there is fun for you too, along with titles!

So, if you haven’t already become a King Billy citizen, do it now .
Play like a king… live like a king!

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