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King Billy wins the Fair Casino Badge!

Mar 13, 2020

What is fair?

His Majesty King Billy has long pondered on the meaning, definition and implications of the word “fair”. So, he has given one more assignment to his trusted Chancellors: enlighten him and his Citizens about what fair is and what it really means. And here are their answers!

Fair is… part of the title of at least 5 “Vanity Fair” magazines, the first one published in USA in 1859!

Fair is… a classic comedy-drama movie of 1964 (My Fair Lady) starring Audrey Hepburn!

Fair is… a funny zombie movie of 2013 (My Fair Zombie) alluding to the above movie!

Fair is… a collection of no less than 119631 products in Alibaba featuring, somehow, the word “fair”!

Fair is… another way to say “true” in the Australian slang phrase “fair dinkum”!

Fair is… the 18,687th most common surname in the world!

Fair is… a way to help producers of coffee and tea in developing countries with Fair Trade!

And finally, Fair is… another achievement for King Billy!

Casino Guru, the biggest and most accurate online casino database in the world, has awarded King Billy Casino its Fair Casino Badge.

This is a badge which separates fair and honest casinos from the average or seriously flawed ones and has been given, so far to a very limited number of casinos. In order to get the Casino Guru Fair Casino Badge, an online casino must:

• Pay out all legitimate winnings.
• Not use unfair rules or deceitful practices to trick players.
• Allow players to play only if they are not from a restricted country.
• Give bonuses only to eligible players.

So, the Fair Casino Badge is one more distinction for King Billy Casino, next to its other numerous awards. And as with all the rest, this one is also for you folks, our beloved Citizens, Players and Friends!

Long Live King Billy! Play Long and Prosper!

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