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July 27, 2017

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It is unknown where the popular adage “There is no such thing as a free lunch” originated from. The best estimations go back to the 1930’s, which seems possible with the prevailing mentality of the times, right after the Great Depression. However, once it was coined, the phrase started quickly to catch on, long before the time of free casino games.

“There’s no free lunch” was catapulted into popular culture in the 1960’s when the pioneer and giant of science fiction Robert Heinlein helped popularizing it with his breath-taking novel (and still as fresh as a daisy, half a century later) “The Moon is a harsh mistress”. Those who haven’t read it, please do now, highly recommended from King Billy himself.

Finally, the phrase found its rightful place with the works of the free market economist Milton Friedman. It became canon in economics literature and now has a similar status for economists as Einstein’s theory of Relativity has for physicians. But… could there be a case of a free lunch after all?


Literally speaking, there is no free casino game whatsoever. In the first place, you have to have the device to play the game, since last time we looked out of the window it wasn’t exactly raining desktops, tablets and cell phones. A device, for which you have paid for and keep paying for having it powered, updated with the latest software and serviced regularly.

But, can we be a little bit freer in our definition of free here? And a tad more creative! Assuming we have conquered the basic needs in life and do not operate on the status of a Neanderthal having just come out of his cave and stumbling upon an iPad, there are indeed a lot of free casino games out there.

Go to an online casino, any casino. The option “Play for free” is always there, actually as common as the disclaimers about age eligibility in terms and conditions. And for every game on the menu, there exists its free doppelganger, usually with a ridiculous amount of free “credits”, starting from at least a million.

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Playing free casino games and especially free slot machines is an essential part of the player’s preparation. In the first place, in order to get the ropes of his favorite games and especially the slot games without spending valuable cash or bitcoins, one could use some time with the free version of the games.

Moreover, playing free games gives players the chance to get to know new games. With the abundance of new games coming out at a great pace and existing table games getting polished and re-invented with new features, the player who plays for free gets to know these games on a better than elementary level. Let’s say that by playing free Slotomoji you understand its Slotologic.

So, at the end of the day, free games do exist. Even though skeptics may treat them as the first step towards paying for games, hundreds of millions of players who get some moments of casual relaxation think otherwise. So forgive us economists and science fiction writers, but the verdict is out. There is a free lunch after all!

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