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November 10, 2017

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The countdown for Black Friday has started! The heat is on, anticipation is rising and it’s time for the King’s Scholars to test your Black Friday knowledge. Just take the following test and see if you were made for Black Friday and vice versa Citizens!

Those people with their noses pressed on store’s doors at 5.30 AM on Black Friday are called…

A. Mythbusters
B. Ghostbusters
C. Blockbusters
D. Doorbusters

Which song has been written exclusively for Black Friday?

A. Black Celebration by Depeche Mode
B. Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones
C. I don’t like Mondays by the BoomTown Rats
D. Black Friday by Rusty Cage

Black Friday got its name by…

A. Black eyes people get as they punch each other on the face during the day
B. The millions of Johnnie Walker Black Label bottles sold on the day
C. The dark hours before the dawn on the day
D. The accidents and traffic chaos caused on the day

First Black Friday was in…

A. 2016
B. 2000
C. 1984
D. 1924

Where in the world is Black Friday considered a National Holiday?

A. North Korea
B. Belarus
C. The United States
D. Nowhere in the world

The Monday after Black Friday is called…

A. Holy Monday
B. Blue Monday
C. Bloody Monday
D. Cyber Monday

What is the second-busiest shopping day of the year after Black Friday?

A. Mother’s Day
B. Father’s Day
D. International Beer Day
C. Saturday before Christmas

What is UK’s answer to the American Black Friday?

A. Tea on Friday
B. Good manners
C. Queen’s Birthday
D. Boxing Day

Black Friday traditionally offers the best deals on…

A. Flip flops
B. Umbrellas
C. Cars
D. Electronics

Which online casino gives the best Black Friday offers available?

A. King Billy Casino
B. King Billy Casino
C. King Billy Casino
D. King Billy Casino

Thank you for taking our Black Friday test Citizens, and remember to also take our Black Friday Special offer! BTW, having answered all “D” to our questions makes you a Black Friday aficionado and expert!


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