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Online casinos number in the thousands making it more difficult to come up with a good name

June 20, 2017

online casino good names


Names. Everyone has one, some of us have two and those of royal blood can have about twelve. But what about a… brand’s name? How do you come up with one that clicks to the customer, clicks to the partners, clicks to the shareholders, clicks to the bloggers? This is where the trouble starts!

The obvious choice, for beginners (and sometimes even for professionals) is to focus on the brand’s product. Well, to be honest, it does not really work, using something generic for your company’s name. Have you ever wondered why there is no car company called CAR? Why there is no bank called, well, BANK?

The second obvious choice, is to go after a name that indicates the “top”, or being first. So, we may have, worldwide, about one million companies, called “Alpha” (and for those of you wondering, yes, of course there is an Alpha Casino) and about a zillion brand names with “One” in the brand name.


So, one may ask, what is the situation with online casinos? Well, the first thing one must have in mind is that online casinos are more than you think. Your good friends at King Billy Casino have obliged you by actually counting them one by one. The result? There are no less than 11,000 casinos out there, give or take!

There is of course, an abundance of names around the word “casino”. Either as the first part of the online casino’s name, or the last, the word “Casino” feels like the copywriter’s Holy Grail in the industry. Well, if one really wants to differentiate, using the word “casino”, automatically puts one at a disadvantage, unless they bring something really new to the table!

There is a quite big list also out there with sportsbooks which decided to start an online casino business. So, this explains why, in the world of roulettes and slots, we have so many names which go bet this, bet that. It’s a bit like the Paris- Dakar race, being held in Argentina (which it is nowadays).


They say that every child looks the most beautiful in the world to the eyes of his or her mother. While this may be partly true, we, your good friends at King Billy Casino, have been told time and again about the good vibes and connotations our name brings to you, our beloved guests.

In the first place… thank you very much. In the second, the secret of success in coming up with a good name is simple. As our marketing and advertising gurus say (when they decide to mingle with us, common mortals, coming down from their high thrones) the secret is to turn familiar into fresh.

And this is it, if you think about it. Kings are surrounded by aristocracy and their names turn to be a bit on the pompous site, with all those King Williamses and King Alexanders etc. But a King who happens to be your buddy, named King Billy is something… fresh. So, there goes our secret!

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