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Jan 10, 2019

欢迎哦 公民

Welcome, oh Citizen!

His Majesty King Billy has just returned from his royal visit to the wonders of the East! Beauty beyond words has captured the King’s heart and mind. And it is here, into our blog that the Writers Guild has worked day and night to put into text the marvels of China, as seen through the eyes of our King!

“We are King Billy, First of our Name. Three Emperors of the East have already invited us to discover and indulge into the Asian beauty. Our Chancellors agreed. “Asia wins, our Lord!” they kept telling us. “It is beautiful in all 4 seasons and especially during springtime the Emperor’s garden is a real pearl of the orient!

So, we have decided to visit the East, but not during spring. With the advent of the Chinese New Year, on February 5, initiating the Year of the Pig (or is it the Year of the Monkey, we must consult our Chancellors on this), we found it a befitting occasion to visit the wild orient just before the New Year festivities.

Aye, we have been pleased by both the land and its royals. During our trip, we travelled across 3 Kingdoms, paid a visit to His Highness the Emperor of the Sea and met with the Dragon King and his Dragon Lady in the Prosperity Palace, with an ancient gong announcing (rather cacophonously) our royal presence.

We were informed about the Emperor’s Wealth (considerable, but of course lesser to ours), we saw at point blank the four divine beasts, the dancing lion and the 8 dragons he has in his possession and we were mildly entertained by his Six Acrobats who demonstrated for us the 3888 ways of the Dragon.

We learned about the legend of Shangri-La and we saw our royal reflection in a pond of koi. Beautiful! (Our reflection we mean – and the pond was fair as well). A Peking duck had the Peking luck to go through our royal stomach and finally we were given 8 lucky charms with 4 symbols each as parting gifts from the Dragon Kings, along with a chest of fortunes containing a miniature Golden Dragon, Magic Dragon and Power Dragon. We cannot wait to show Khaleesi!”

This is the log of His Majesty’s journey Oh Citizen! And THIS is what he is offering to you, right now:

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