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Dec 12, 2018

Everything is frantic in Santa’s Village! It is that time of the year again when the secrets of Christmas Touch are unveiled and Santa Wild Helpers are doing the best they can in order to prepare the sleigh, the reindeer and all the other Arctic Wonders which bring a Merry Xmas to everyone!

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen, the beautiful reindeer who all look like Demi Gods, can’t wait to start their journey. Likewise, millions of players worldwide can’t wait to open their presents! Some of them have asked for a Cupid’s Strike in 2019, while others do not want to disclose their preference, saying that it is a Secret Santa will bring only to them!

However, there is A Christmas Carol that is available only at King Billy Casino, sung to the music of Jingle Bells, but even better because its lyrics are about Jingle Spins. You see, his Majesty King Billy has done it again! This time he has pulled an Xmas Joker out of his royal sleeve, with a unique Christmas Tournament!

What does this mean for the Kingdom’s Citizens? It means that like a kid, given a nice, juicy fruit, from an imaginary Fruit Shop Christmas, or like a bride enjoying a Flower Christmas with her beloved, King Billy players will be the happiest players on Earth! In fact, they will radiate this feeling around them, even to their Christmas tree, making it the Happiest Christmas Tree in the world!

So, how does the Christmas Tournament work? Just play on any of the Christmas slots “hidden” in the text above! Every hour, the winners of the Christmas Tournament are rewarded with Free Spins on NetEnt’s Jingle Spin (or Habanero’s Santa Village in case of NetEnt unavailability) like this:

1st place - 25 Free Spins
2nd place - 20 Free Spins
3rd place - 15 Free Spins
4th place - 10 Free Spins
5th place - 5 Free Spins

King Billy Casino is the place to be these holidays! Merry Christmas Citizens!


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