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August 2, 2017

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“Habemus Papam” they say in the Vatican. “We have a winner!” we say in Casinia. King Billy, first of his line, Ruler of the Realm and Protector of the Players, formally announces that the winner of the “King’s 300” July Raffle is, drum roll, Baron Jaydee! Our winner gets a $300 Amazon Gift Card, having prevailed over 107 valiant and worthy rivals.


All hail Baron Jaydee (three times)! But after the hailing is over and the spears point towards the ground again, we still feel the need to compliment the Baron’s achievement. And is there a better way to do this than suggesting some cool Amazon buys with a… King’s theme? No, there isn’t!

Let’s start with Literature. The worthiest King of all is, of course, Stephen King. His popular, dramatic 7 book series “The Dark Tower” will take about 45 dollars off our Amazon Gift Card. On then, to Amazon video and… “Hologram for the King” starring Tom Hanks who attempts to leave his mark on the world in Saudi Arabia. This is 14.99 dollars, in HD.

Moving to Amazon music, there is no other King than Elvis! We suggest “A Boy from Tupelo: The Complete 1953-1955 Recordings”, an audio CD box set (there’s an mp3 version as well) for 26.78. And while listening to the King, Jaydee may get a wish to sharpen the dull knives in his kitchen. No problem my Lord, there is the King Deluxe traditional Japanese knife sharpening stone in Amazon Appliances for 25.80.

The night is young and there’s still a lot of money left in this Amazon Gift Card. For an irresistible Eau de Parfum with tangerine, orange and cranberry top notes, we suggest Sean John’s “I Am King” from Amazon’s Beauty and Personal Care at 35.99. And if we judge correctly, Baron Jaydee would really be interested in a 100% cotton “King” hip-hop hat from Amazon clothing for $25!

Every special moment starts or ends with a glass or a bottle of wine. So, we shall, too, conclude our suggestions to our winner with the Amazon’s wine category and Apothic’s King of the Reds 6 x 750 ml. Big and bold California reds which open with a dark, inky color and have aromas of dark cherry and toasted oak. The price for the set? 71.96.

Let us do the math here. Books, movies, music, appliances, perfume, clothes and wine for a total of about 245 dollars! So, there is still some cash for our winner to spend. Just to round numbers us, we did come with a “royal” item at 55 dollars, provided Jaydee has a pet: the Wolf King dog superfood at 55 dollars!


If you felt just a tad jealous of all those ridiculously cool Amazon items described above, despair not! King’s 300 is a real blockbuster, running for a second consecutive month in August on King Billy Casino. This means that you too, will have the chance to enter the Big August Raffle and win! So, why wait? Let’s play!

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