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September 4, 2017

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September always marks a new season in our lives as we very well know from first grade forward. But… whose season is the 2017-2018 one going to be anyway? Who is going to steal the show, starting September? The King’s Scholars blew the dust from their sandals and their scrolls, gathered in the wondrous King’s Library and here’s what they have to say!


Is it the season of… Neymar JR? With achievements which when put in a sentence may surpass even those of our benevolent monarch King Billy, the Brazilian who weighs about 68 kilos, scored a record $261 million transfer this summer to French side PSG. This is about $4.000 for every grammar of his weight, 10 times the price of gold. Is it a freakish fee for an extraordinary talent? Is it an anomaly? Is it the season of Neymar? Close, but… no cigar Neymar, say the Scholars.

Is it the season of… post-season blues for billions of Games of Thrones fans? With the finale of the series coming no sooner than early 2019, who is going to quench the thirst of all those fans worldwide who beg for more trivia, more conspiracy theories, more Lannisters, more Dothraki, more nerds on YouTube dissecting every scene of the show like entomologists pinning butterflies? So, is it the season for the Westeros’ post-season? Close, but nope say the Scholars! It is indeed the season for a Kingdom, but not a television one.


So, whose season is it anyway? The King’s Scholars have spoken. Unanimously, they have declared that this year, September and October in Casinia mark the… King’s Season. It is a season of fun and unprecedented profit for all our Citizens, Barons, Dukes and Princes who are asked to deposit a minimum of €50 or equivalent (verifying this with a check mark in the lottery ticket area) and thus automatically enter our Grand Raffles.

Our first Raffle will be held on October 2, handing out a $300 Amazon Gift Card to the big winner, so that he can choose among millions of Amazon catalogue items in clothing, shoes, jewelry, sports, home & kitchen, electronics, books, beauty products and many more! You name it… the King gives it!

But there are more prizes this time! By decree of his Majesty King Billy, First of His Line, Ruler of Casinia, Protector of the Realm and Guardian of the Players, the 2nd and 3rd winner of the Grand Raffle will win 101 Free Spins on NetEnt’s brand new fantastic slot Emoji Planet!

The King’s Season is your Season. Come join us now!

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