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March 1, 2018


You know you are Canadian when…

1. You are the only one in the stadium rooting for Raonic against Federer.
2. You proudly announce to everyone that Canadians invented basketball.
3. You own thermometers especially designed to measure down to -120ºC.
4. You watch the Eurovision Song Contest for a great night of fun.
5. You watch the American elections for an even greater night of fun.
6. You are a billionaire in Canadian Tire Money.
7. You watch the Grammies super proud of Drake, The Weeknd & Justin Bieber.
8. You never take a selfie with less than 2 meters of snow behind you.
9. You can outdrink Americans, Mexicans and sometimes even Russians.
10. You are bilingual in cereal packaging labels.
11. You know what a touque is.
12. You can actually pronounce “Saskatchewan”.
13. You go for a date in your snowmobile.
14. You use a tennis ball to play street hockey.
15. You say “sorry” even when you shouldn’t.
16. You have the sexiest prime minister in the world.
17. You sometimes answer the phone by saying “oui”.
18. You can repeat the 2000 Molson beer commercial rant “I AM CANADIAN!”
19. You are awesome all the time.
20. You actually read all of the above and not just scanned it.

And finally, you know you are Canadian when…

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