5 Reel Slots

From experience you will realize that 3-reel slots can be simple to play and they feature basic graphics and gameplay.In case you want more animation-graphics that come along with the most lucrative bonus features, and a lot more action, we recommend a 5-reel game as the best fit for you. Look no further since here at King Billy Casino you will find a great range of free play slots and we encourage you to spare some time and give the three-reel vs five-reel a try today.

In simple and easy to understand words we can define 5 reel slots as online slot games which the total number of reels is 5. At king billy casino you will find that if not all , then almost every 5 reel slot game in our platform has some free spins or cash bonuses attached to it.

From an expert view I can say that all 5 reel slot machines are more appealing than the 3 reel slot machines mainly due to the obvious fact that the 5-reel slot games usually have a big number of pay lines and come with attractive bonuses. Kindly visit our online platform and Check the guide that will help you learn how to play and also play some of the best free 5-reel slots online!

In Canada, there are several online casino games for Canadian people to play and win from. But here at King Billy Casino we have the best 5-reel slots that any casino lover can ask for. We have analysed and tested the games to ensure they meet the ever growing standards of the gamblers community. These slots you can play absolutely for free here. Whether you walk into a real casino in Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa or Montreal or visit an online casino like King Cilly Casino, one thing that will never change is the availability of many 5-reel slots.

The 5 reel slots have increased in popularity here in Canada and companies have been working day and night to roll out these games in large numbers to the public to play as they cash in. If you check our website you will realise that we have new slots everyday.

How to Play 5 Reels Slots?

If you have interacted with 5-reel slots you will realise that the number of reels it comes with are a bit bigger than the classic reel slots and this also depends on the number of rows and paylines, these too come with so many different designs and themes to pick from.

It is important to note that the number of pay lines on most 5-reel slots will always vary and can go from 5 pay lines up to 1.024 ways to win or even more.

I believe you wish to know how to play 5-reel slot machines. First of all, you will have to do some soul searching and select your bet size. To select your bet you will increase or decrease the Coin Value and the number of coins per bet line.

Depending on the number of pay lines available you can place bets from as low as $0.05 or as high as $450 per spin and even more in some plays. Almost every modern 5-reel slot online usually has an Auto Play mode for newbies or anyone who prefers an automatic play. Otherwise,all you need to do is just hit the Spin button and you’re done. That is very simple right?

How to Win 5 Reels Slots?

Five reel slots have become the most loved and common type of slot game. Some of the reasons being the exciting opening videos and eye-catching animations that they come with throughout the game.

The use of random number generators in all 5-reel slots ensures that when a game has a set or promised payout this will remain the same regardless of who is taking part in the play.

We advise that if you can afford it, always play max Bet on most of your spins because this can sometimes increase your chance of hitting a decent jackpot winnings. More experienced gamblers with great knowledge like our team of experts know that you get the best odds when you bet maximum coins on some games like mega moolah.

Frequently Asked Questions about 5 Reel Slots

Where to play 5 reels slots in Canada

5-reel slots are common these days online and at King Billy we offer the best slots. Choose from our catalog list and get started.

What is the difference between 5 and 3 reel slot

With 5-reel slots you have a greater chance of winning a lot of cash, and this is due to the increased chance of landing combinations. In 3-reel slots you can only get you a winning combination containing three symbols, whereas a 5-reel can potentially land you a more lucrative combo.

Why 5 Reel Slots Are The Best?

5-reel slot machines are very modern, they also offer more winning combinations and the bonus features make it way better than 3-reel slots.

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