Blackjack Live

Blackjack is one of the most popular table games in the online casino. Many users of our casino tend to play blackjack live. There are many reasons for the popularity of this game. It has a rich history and clear rules.

The King Billy Empire is ready to provide its players with access to various versions of this game. But most users prefer the classic option with live dealers. Let us analyze in more detail the reasons for the popularity of this version of the game and why it is necessary to think over the strategy more carefully to play with a live dealer.

Why It Is Better to Choose the Blackjack with Live Dealer in Canada

Globally, for online casino users, there are two options for playing blackjack - in a live casino format and without a live croupier. However, the best way to feel the full range of emotions in such a game is to play blackjack live. The main difference between the game with a live dealer is the direct use of a person instead of a computer.

It is more difficult for players to play against a live croupier since the machine will act according to a certain algorithm. In turn, a person can change the strategy and act outside the box. It is easier to play with mechanisms in this regard. However, experienced players often get bored of confronting them, and a live dealer helps not to oversaturate this game.

Playing with live dealers will be more dynamic and interesting compared to the rivalry against the program. It will be necessary not only to think through each move but also to analyze previous results. Otherwise, you will not be able to beat the live dealer.

In addition, you can chat with the dealer and such discussions help experienced users understand his mood for the game, the speed of decision-making, etc. Blackjack professionals will be able to understand his actions by correspondence with the dealer and build their counter strategy for a successful result.

Live Dealer Blackjack Game Rules

To play games like blackjack live, you need to learn their basic rules. In the game, each card has its value and the player needs to collect such a combination of cards, which in total will give the closest possible result to 21. Whoever has the sum of points closer to this figure will be the winner in the round. Moreover, if your combination consists of numbers that give more than 21 points, then you will automatically be considered a loser.

All cards in the deck have the following value:

  • cards with numbers are valued at face value;
  • all pictures, except for an ace, are valued at 10 points;
  • an ace can be either 1 or 11.

For understanding, an ace counts as 11 points. But if a player has a combination of cards in his hand, in which 22 points or more come out together with an ace, then he will be counted as 1 point.

There is one deal per round and each player will have 2 cards in their hand. For the users and the dealer to understand the likely combination, one of the cards will be revealed. The user can then use one of the following steps:

  • hit (draw a card);
  • split (split cards into 2 hands, used if there are two cards of identical denomination);
  • double (doubling the bet and getting one more card);
  • stand (complete the move and not draw cards);
  • surrender (withdrawal from the game after receiving the first two cards, cannot be used after any of the above actions).

In most cases, a live blackjack dealer will stand on 17s or soft 17s (for example, holding an ace and a six).

Popular Blackjack Strategies: What Are They and How to Apply Them?

To win at live blackjack in Canada you need to think carefully and analyze your actions. To do this, experienced users develop strategies and determine each step depending on which open card the dealer has and what actions he takes in the round.

For example, if the dealer has open cards with a face value of no more than 4 points, and the user has up to 11 points in his hands, then you can safely draw cards and stop only when you have scored 12 or more cards. But if the dealer has 5 or 6 cards, and you only have 10 or 11 points, then you can use the double feature and you are more likely to win and double your winnings.

If the dealer has a card from 7 to 10 points, then most likely he will have from 17 to 20 points in the end. The player needs to get as close as possible to these indicators, otherwise, he or she will lose. For a more accurate calculation of your actions, you can use base tables. With their help, players understand how to act in each of the situations and will be able to win more often against a live dealer.

Basic Live Blackjack Betting Tips: The Basics

Thinking through your strategy for playing blackjack live is extremely important. It is very difficult to win without a good plan. The above strategies are used by all beginners. But experienced users understand that live blackjack online casino dealers also learn and need to combine strategies to get the result they need.

When developing their strategy, the player needs to think through each round. In this case, relying on base tables is a good way out. But even with their use, mistakes are possible and victory can slip out of the hands of the player.

Therefore, players should keep the following rules in mind when developing their strategy:

  • Initially test your strategy on the demo version of the game and level the shortcomings when they are identified.
  • First, play only at the minimum stakes and apply double only in situations where you are sure of your victory.
  • Insure your bets and do not forget about the possibility of using a split.

These actions will not lead you to 100% successful results. However, it is these tools that will help players minimize bankroll losses and increase their chances of eventual success.

Play Live Blackjack in Canada on Your Mobile

For fans of playing live online blackjack, it is important to use every second to play the game. To do this, His Majesty's Kingdom is creating a mobile version of its website. With it, players can access the site by synchronizing their accounts.

This tool will allow you to use any minute to make money through blackjack with a live dealer. Also, through a mobile phone, users can emotionally relax after a hard day at work when they get home from work. At the same time, they do not need to worry about the quality of the picture. Mobile versions of the site perfectly adapt to the parameters of any smartphone, and the player launches a mini-casino on his phone.

As you can see, the mobile version of the site is quite a handy feature and King Billy casino residents should not avoid it and waste time waiting for the chance to play live dealer blackjack.

Why Is It So Important to Play Live Dealer Blackjack At Least Once?

Experienced users understand that live dealer blackjack online is a great way to relax and make money. This game has high rates of accrual of winnings for users. Also, live dealer blackjack is an understandable game in which it is enough to learn the basic information and after that, you can play this game.

The King Billy Kingdom provides players with a wide variety of live dealer blackjack games with both the classic format and specific rules that true connoisseurs of the game can enjoy. Our online casino provides users with decent bonuses that can be used in this game. Withdrawal of funds is available in any popular way, and the speed of crediting is amazing. The site also has a chat for communication with the support service, which will help beginners in the initial stages of cooperation with the resource.

Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to play live blackjack in Canada with dealers and feel the full range of emotions from this game. With the right strategy, you can make money with it but proceed carefully and carefully.

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