The Features of Popular Bonus Buy Slots

Gambling has always been popular among Internet users. Every year we can see how providers come up with something new to diversify the gaming experience of players. At the moment, bonus buy slots are at the peak of fame. By the way, such entertainment can often be found on The King Billy Empire online casino platform. If you want to know more about these slots and their features, then continue reading this article.

Explanation of Bonus Buy Slots

Bonus buy slots appeared on the market relatively recently, but during this time they managed to gain the attention of users. So let's figure out what it is and what features they have. This is a special version of the game where the player can receive additional rewards. So these are slots with a feature that allows users to get bonus rounds. This opens up many advantages and also significantly increases your winnings. As a rule, such entertainment involves additional rounds or mini-games where you can win additional prizes. Rewards vary depending on the casino. As a rule, these can be free spins, additional winnings and much more. It depends on the slot. In addition, such rounds can be accompanied by a fascinating plot and colourful design.

Bonus Buy Slots: The Main Features of Their Mechanism

Now that you know what bonus buy slots are, it is time to find out how they work. As practice shows, such rounds begin as suddenly as possible. This adds a special charm to the game. However, everything is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Activation of the bonus game begins through certain actions. For example, you have reached a certain level or collected the required number of combinations of a certain type. So the conditions of getting a bonus round vary. Once you complete them, you receive bonuses. At the same time, the effect of surprise is maintained, since you concentrate on the game and do not notice your progress until the bonus round. As soon as it starts, you can dive into a new little journey with additional prizes and opportunities. This is what players value the most.

The Advantages of a Bonus Buy Slot in Canada

If you choose the best bonus buy slots as entertainment, you can get many benefits. Let's talk about this in more detail:


Online slots are a game that involves spinning a reel and waiting for the desired combination to appear. They give positive emotions and excitement, but sometimes this may not be enough. Users want variety and something new. Bonus rounds in the form of a mini-game will help you take your mind off the main gameplay and diversify it.

Unique opportunities

With bonus buy slots you can get many lucrative bonuses. These can be a variety of prizes, but they will all help you improve your gaming experience and increase your winnings. Why not take advantage of this opportunity?

Large selection of games

His Majesty King Billy Guardian of the players and Protector of the Realm offers a huge number of different casino buy bonus for real money in Canada. Therefore, you can find an interesting game in accordance with your preferences and wishes. You won't be limited to just a few activities. Players will be able to choose any theme and plot because the choice is really impressive.

Simple rules

To take advantage of the casino buy bonus, you will need to fulfill simple conditions. Just play the game or meet certain requirements. To do this, you only need one thing - to actively play. You will probably not even realize when the bonus slips into your pocket. If this is a mini-game, then as a rule it will have simple rules as well, where you can instantly get additional rewards.

The Statistics of the Game: Payouts, House Edge, and RTP on Bonus Buy Slots

In fact, it is quite difficult to evaluate the real indicators of bonus buy slots, namely Payouts, House Edge, and RTP. Much depends on the chosen platform, slot and its features. However, we can roughly guide you based on these indicators. Let's look at the example of the popular game Money Train 2, which is available at King Billy Casino.

Let's start with payouts. This is the amount you can get from betting on slots. This game has a maximum payout of 50,000x. Now let's talk about RTP - this is Return-to-Player. This is the percentage of the total amount bet on the slot that is returned to the player in the form of winnings. In Money Train 2 this figure reaches 96.4%, while House edge is 3.6%. As you can see, you have a real chance of winning. The return on funds in such games is quite large. However, before choosing a game, you need to study these indicators, as they differ depending on the entertainment and provider. Choose only the best bonus buy slots with the highest RTP.

Risks and Difficulties During the Game

Despite the fact that you can get generous payouts in bonus buy slots, you are not 100% protected from risks and difficulties. Problem number one is the high cost of bonus rounds. Users who are accustomed to making small bets may encounter financial problems during the gaming process. Additionally, purchasing a bonus round does not guarantee victory. Therefore, such a decision can become a real risk. When you purchase a bonus round, you automatically become a high roller for at least 1 spin. Of course, you will be able to reduce your bet to the minimum level for the bonus round, but it will not bring the results you expect.

In addition, you can instantly lose funds. The time between betting money and starting the round is a few seconds. If the bonus round ends in failure, you lose your bet instantly. Therefore, sometimes it is better to play bonus buy slots demo. You definitely will not spend money there, because the game is played with virtual credits. In addition, you will be able to understand all the intricacies of such slots and understand how it works. The most important thing is that you will get valuable experience at absolutely no cost.

How to Win in Bonus Buy Slot: The Most Useful Tips

Today, there are a huge number of strategies that will help you get closer to victory. This could be the tactics of Martingale, d'Alembert, Parlay and many others. Analyze your game and decide which one suits you best. Also, be vigilant and place your bets carefully. Take your time. You can start with the bonus buy slots demo to better understand the rules. An equally important aspect is to find a reliable platform. Pay special attention to this and choose a safe casino. To reduce your search time, we recommend paying attention to The King Billy Kingdom. This platform will give you unforgettable emotions, as well as the following advantages:

  • Variety of bonus buy slots;
  • Profitable welcome bonuses;
  • Many ways to deposit and withdraw funds;
  • Responsive support service and much more.

If you can't wait to play these slots, then it is high time to do it. They can bring good money if you are lucky in the bonus round. So it is a good moment to try your luck!

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