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French roulette also uses a 37 pocket wheel but the main difference between it and European roulette is that it involves announced special bets which have french names like Jeu zéro = zero games, Le tiers du cylindre = third of the wheel, Orphelins = orphans.

Best online French roulette casinos

French roulette has a much better payout than standard European roulette as far as the game of roulette is concerned. This is due to two famous rules that appear in French roulette - “La partage” and “En prison” - this means that house edge is 1.35%. In Canada online French roulette is very popular, and if you are not used to the slightly different rules you can always try them out for free.

Before we inform you on the best online French roulette casinos take note of the following strategies that we have used to pick the best.

How we have rated the best roulette sites in the Canada

Game variety provided - A good casino like King Billy Casino will provide multiple variants of roulette - American, European, French and many more that players can choose from.

Customer Service - customer service is so important and should be readily provided in case a player encounters a problem.

Cash deposit & Withdrawals - Good casinos like King Billy accept a lot of methods for deposits and withdrawals for Canadians and this ensures that no player is likely to be disappointed when trying to play for real money.

Security when playing - Every mobile roulette app and casino game we reviewed has been independently audited and tested from time to time to ensure that player safety and security is taken very seriously. This means that on sites like King Billy you can play mobile casinos risk-free without any worry.

Most Popular French Roulette Games

If you follow our expert recommendations and advise you will find yourself playing games with high payout rates at trustworthy roulette sites like King Billy Casino.

Most popular French roulette games include Gonzo's Quest and Wizard of OZ.

Types of French Roulette Bets

A French roulette table is always split into betting sections that allow gamblers to make a range of different wagers when playing. We may have very many different types of bets that a player can place when gambling with the hope of winning at a roulette table, they all fall into two distinct categories namely:

  • Inside bets
  • Outside bets
  • Inside bets

    Furthermore, the two distinct categories - inside and outside bets also come with their own sub-category of bets. Our team of experts will explain below the important ones for each category.

    The main area of the roulette table is made up of numbers that range from 0-36, on which the players can bet on the roulette ball landing on. Take note that any bets placed on the numbers in this said section are all known as inside bets (because they have been placed on the inner part of the table).

    There are about seven common inside bets that gamblers can place:

    This is a bet that is placed on just one number. You simply make your bet by putting your chips inside the square in which the number is located.

    Casino Players place a bet on two numbers that are adjacent. The bets are placed by placing chips on the line shared by the two numbers.

    Here the players wager on three consecutive numbers within the same line on the table. To explain this more the street bets are made by leaving your chips on the outer corner of the line of numbers.

    Six Line
    You bet on two adjacent lines on the roulette table, putting your chips on the corner shared by those two.

    Corner or Square Bet
    This is a bet you will make on four numbers in a square. You make your wager by placing your chips on the shared corner for the four numbers on the table.

    Good news is that casino gamblers playing American roulette can always bet on three numbers, of which at least two of them are 0. Your chips will be laid on the line that the 0-zero and other two numbers share.

    Players will wager on 0, 1, 2 and 3 by putting their chips on the corner that the 0 and first line of numbers share – American roulette also allows it's fanatics to bet on 00.

    Outside bets

    The outer part of the roulette table contains nine sections for players/gamblers to wager their money on and if lucky they win. Any bet that is placed on one of these areas is known as an outside bet (because it is made on an area that is located outside the main part of the roulette table).

    There are about five main outside bets we will discuss here that players can make

    Red or Black
    Gamblers bet on either one of the two colors labeled red or black.

    Odd or Even
    Players will have a simple task of wagering on the ball going to land on an odd or even number.

    High or Low
    With this, the bets are made on the outcome going to be either a low number (from 1 to 18) or a high number (from 19 to 36).

    To bet on this the gamblers wager that the ball after a spin will land on one of the three sections of numbers grouped in dozens – 1-12, 13-24, or 25-36.

    Casino gamblers will be having in mind the probability of the ball going to land on one of the three columns of numbers grouped by the dozen.

    Frequently Asked Questions About French Roulette

    How does French Roulette Work?

    The rules of playing French roulette are very similar to what we have in the other versions of roulette. The players can bet on where the ball will land when the roulette wheel is spun by the dealer. Take note that a French roulette wheel has slots for numbers 1 to 36 plus a green zero slot. When the ball lands on zero in French roulette, all outside bets don't lose automatically. Instead, either half is being returned (La Partage) or the bet remains in place (En Prison) for the next spin.

    Where to Play French Roulette?

    Many online casinos in Canada feature French roulette and here at King Billy Casino we have the best and latest in the casino world, both are available for free and you can also play and earn real money. Check out our updated catalog of games for the best places to play.

    How to Win French Roulette?

    Our team of experts at King Billy Casino advise that outside bets are always more valuable in French roulette, thanks to these game rules. Kindly stick to these even money bets to take the maximum advantage.

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