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Progressive slots and the regular slots are just the same when it comes to gameplay and rules However, in the progressive slots jackpots the sum of money involved is quite large.Take note that progressive slots are linked slot machines and every time a player wagers, a sum of their wager is contributed to the jackpot making it the best slot you can play in and win a lot of money.

Progressive slots have MASSIVE payouts of any online slot games you can think of out there. In the common jackpots you will find that an amount is set and does not change until someone wins the bet- The best part of Progressive jackpots is that the amount is never fixed or agreed upon before players can start but the amount will gradually continue to increase as more players join the game.

Online Slots with Progressive Jackpots

We have ranked the most popular online slots with the progressive jackpot feature as shown below.

Mega Fortune. This is the most remarkable invention done by the Swedish game developer NetEnt with the theme of the slot being luxury and wealth.After playing you need to get into the real world but luck has to be on your side to take the money home and have a luxurious life.

Mega Moolah: I am very sure you have come across this famous slot.No other online casino slot game can ever come any closer to the jackpot payouts offered by this slot.Mega Moolah has been featured in several online blogs and print media because the jackpot is quite huge.Good luck as you play it here at king billy casino.

40 Super Hot: Super hot is based on the fruit theme from the studio EGT.It has four types of jackpots which grow drastically over time.

88 Fortunes. Slot on is based on the theme of Chinese culture, which has a around 96% return, the onus round has 10 free spins, and a progressive jackpot.

Top online progressive games

The best video slots casinos with the highest paying possibility are always the ones that are labelled as progressive or “jackpot” slots. This is because every single time a player wagers their own money on the slot, it goes into the pot.This type of of slot may not payout more often like the other jackpots but it is important to note that when the payout is made it is always some huge life changing amount of money. On our platform at King Billy Casino Mega Moolah has always been one of the most popular, fans favourite and readily available to play slot.

Best Progressive Jackpot Casinos

Each bet you place is channeled into a jackpot kitty where all players who take the risk and bet the maximum, stand a good chance of winning on that particular jackpot slot.

Types of progressive Jackpots

We have different types of progressive jackpots which all follow the same principle when playing but you will find that in some the jackpot winnings increase rapidly than the others.We have analyzed the three main types just for you to help you make a decision on which one you can try.

Stand Alone Progressive

The Stand-Alone Progressive machine refers to a slot machine that is not linked or connected to other slot machines.A certain small percentage of each wager is taken out and contributed to the jackpot.The Stand-Alone progressive machine has the amount displayed on the front of the machine reels to help players be aware of what to win incase they get lucky.

In-House Jackpots

This consist of a group of slot machines that are linked together to form part of one jackpot.Normally these machines belong to the host casino.The jackpot winnings involved here may not be much be it is some good money to take home

Networked Progressive Jackpots

Networked Progressive Jackpots involves an independent operator responsible of managing them.There are several slots machines that are connected or linked together by various casinos to form one huge jackpot amount.In most cases the jackpot amount will reach millions of dollars and if you get fortunate to win that will be the end of your money related problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to win a progressive Jackpots?

To win a progressive jackpot you have to play and be part of the team to stand a chance of winning.It is also advisable you take the risk and bet maximum.We also advise you ensure the software used has no integrity issues to avoid any human interference.

How do progressive jackpots work?

In these types of casino games the jackpot amount increases each time a player places a wager on them. A certain percentage of each wager will be added towards the jackpot and when the jackpot is won it resets for the next round of spin to the amount the players will agree on.

How many types of progressive jackpot?

Progressive jackpots will forever be the best choice for any gambler who is looking for a way to chance their lives or pay off their debts.We have many progressive jackpot casino games at king billy casino that you can choose from depending on your preferences ,play and win real money.If you enjoy poker,roulette or slots,there is a progressive jackpot designed just for you.

What are progressive slots?

Basically, a slot machine is considered progressive if a portion of all the bets placed on the game is redirected towards boosting its maximum jackpot. Once the jackpot amount is won, it is reset to its initial value, after which the amount starts to accumulate again.

How to choose online progressive slots?

Progressive slot machines can be fun as long as you choose the right one. Some of the factors you need to consider include;

  • - Regular Wins
  • - Bonus Rounds
  • - Scatter Symbols
  • - Free Spins
  • - Features
  • - Jackpots
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