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There are many different functions in blackjack, but hit or stand are the main ones. To be successful in the game, it is important to understand when to use them.

Hit or Stand in Blackjack: Which Option to Choose?

Blackjack is a mathematical game. The outcome depends on the player’s decisions. Therefore, it is imperative that the gambler knows which decisions to make throughout the gambling session to increase his chances of winning. One of such decisions in this game is to hit or stand. What is it and how to use it? His Majesty King Billy, Guardian of the Players, tells you the answer to the question “What does “hit or stand” mean?” and gives you some tips in the article. blackjack hit or stand

General Rules for Playing Blackjack

In this game, it all starts with the distribution of cards. The dealer gives cards to the players, then takes one for himself. The players immediately see their two cards, and the dealer reveals only one. If it turns out to be an ace, he checks his pair for Blackjack. If the dealer has Blackjack, the game ends. But, if there is a different combination there, the game continues.

Throughout the game, the gambler can make different decisions. For example, if he has two identical cards, he can do a Split. He can also double his bet when he plays, get a card, or stay with his combination, in other words, choose to hit or stand. In some types of this game, it is also possible to give up and take back half of your bet when you. The aim of the player is to get as close to 21 points as possible and not to exceed it.

There are basic online blackjack strategies that help players decide what decisions to make. But in reality, the player has to practice a lot to figure out for himself in what situations to make decisions.

What Do “Hit” and “Stand” Mean in Blackjack?

It is the player's options that are available to him if the dealer does not have Blackjack. Hit or stand — the concepts are very simple, and it will be easy for the player to understand their meaning.

A hit is a player's request for another card. If he wants to do so, he states it to the dealer and he gives him a card. There is no change in the bet.

A stall is a player's decision to stay with his cards and not change hands. He then simply waits for the other players to make their decisions. Then the dealer reveals his cards and it becomes clear whether the gambler has won or not.

There are guidelines on when to hit and stand in Blackjack. We will look at them below. blackjack-hit-or-stand-2.webp

When Should Players Hit in Blackjack?

In Blackjack, the hit or stand decision can be made very easily. The decision is made based on what cards the player is holding and what the dealer's card value is. Gamblers are advised to always assume that the dealer's second card is a ten.

So, it's a good idea for the player to get a new card if he's sure that the dealer's hand is bigger. In other words, if he's low on points. More specific examples of when it's a good idea to draw an extra card

  • if the player's hand is a soft 17;
  • if the player's hand is a solid 12;
  • if the player's hand is a 16 and the dealer's is an open 10, you can hit or stand.

The latter decision is explained by the fact that with a hand of 16, the player very often loses. To take a card in this case is a chance to win the hand after all. You can use a special chart with tips on when to hit or stand.

When Should Players Stand in Blackjack?

There's only one reason not to take a card — you're sure you have a strong hand. The closer your total is to 21, the better. In that case, you're better off choosing a stop when the choice is in Blackjack: “hit or stand”.

When making this choice, you can't be guided by intuition or guesswork. You should always assume that the dealer's second card is a 10. If in such a case his hand is less than yours, you may not take a card.

Hit and Stand in Different Types of Blackjack

There are a lot of varieties of this game. Conditions may be different in various Blackjack rules but a hit or stand option is represented everywhere. The nuances of their use may differ only slightly. blackjack-hit-or-stand-3.webp To find out exactly how and when to hit and when to stand in blackjack, it is worth playing the demo version of the game. This will help familiarize you with the rules and get a better understanding of them, as well as develop your strategy. The King Billy Casino citizens can do this in any game they like.

When to Hit and Stand in Blackjack: The Most Common Mistakes

What many players fail to consider is that Blackjack is a mathematical game. You can't rely solely on luck here; it's important to count before making a decision. There are strategies that clearly show when to hit and stand in Blackjack. We talked about this above. But there are also common mistakes that gamblers make when playing this game:

  • Being afraid to finish their cards. Many players are afraid of over-committing and are too cautious. A total of 12-16 allows you to overcards. Failure to do so increases your Casino Advantage.
  • Overcards may only be overcards when they are holding a solid 17 or 18. This is due to their fear of a hidden ten from the dealer. You don't have to fear it, you have to assume it.
  • They're over-recruiting. When a player has several small cards in a row, it's best to stop the rebounding, as the odds of the next card being a high card increase.

Players are also advised to use tables with hit and stand in Blackjack. They are constructed with mathematical calculations in mind. Not knowing about them is also a mistake, as they are quite useful for development.


There are many actions when you play Blackjack and hit or stand are the main ones. Learning how to use them correctly is the main task of the player. Every gambler should learn when to draw more cards and when to stop. You can practice doing this on the online casino website in demo versions. The King Billy Empire will allow you to do so and become a pro at it!


If I have a hard hand: should I choose a hit or a stand?

If you have a solid 17 or higher, you should always pick a stand. In such a situation, there is a very high chance that the next card will make more than 21 points, and the bet will lose. Only a solid hand up to 16 points can be fetched.

Which to choose with a soft hand: a hit or a stand?

A soft hand is when there is an ace in the first two cards. It can count for either 1 point or 11. If you have a soft hand of up to 17 points, you can almost always take a hit. If one is afraid to draw a new card, the casino advantage increases, and the player's chances of winning decrease.

How easy is it to determine when to hit and stand in Blackjack?

There is no simple answer to this question. There are special charts that show what it is best to choose at the Blackjack table (hit or stand), depending on the dealer's open card. But a lot also depends on your experience. In Blackjack, it's all about your ability to count and make good decisions quickly. Memorizing a chart is not always a good thing. Sometimes it's much better to practice in a demo and understand the game as well as possible.

Written by Michael Cunningham


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