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Online casinos offer many variations of blackjack. But not all players know that in addition to the main ones, there are blackjack side bets. Learn more about them!

The Meaning of Blackjack Side Bets Explained

Active online casino players need to receive regular income from the game. Table games are considered the most profitable type of entertainment. To win, players can also make blackjack side bets in addition to the main investments online. But not all players understand how they work.

Beginners often look for the rules of blackjack side bets explained to see if they can be played for free and how much they can earn. These bets are always worth the amount chosen by the player. But earnings with their help will be very different from winnings at the main rate. Therefore, this type of investment in the game is popular. Experienced users immediately look for games where as many side bets as possible are available because this allows them to make good money.

But making money with them is not easy. The necessary combinations do not drop out as often as players would like. But there are chances of success, especially if you apply the right strategy. Let's take a closer look at what blackjack side bets are and how they need to be done to get solid payouts to your casino bankroll.

Basic Notation: What Are Blackjack Side Bets?

Any table game provides the player with good odds of making money with the help of basic bets. But blackjack with side bets provides new opportunities for players. Everyone knows about the main bets, but few people know about the additional ones. Blackjack side bets offer either to save your money and prevent the dealer from winning or to significantly increase the odds of success in this table game.

To make a side bet, the online casino player needs to pay attention to the sidebar of the selected version of blackjack online. It will also indicate the coefficients of the winnings, which will be credited to the user in case of a successful bet. Most of the coefficients are basic, but in some versions of the game, they may differ in the direction of the user or the gaming house.

His Majesty's Kingdom offers its players an extensive selection of blackjack games with different rules, including the possibility of profitable side bets. The player only needs to select the game he/she is interested in and make the first bet for the game. With a successful strategy, side bets will increase your gaming bankroll quite well.

Why Make Side Bets?

For players, blackjack with side bets is more profitable, because in it the odds of a final victory will be much higher than in a game with only basic bets. Also, such bets help save money in case of an unsuccessful card layout. But you need to use these opportunities very carefully because the chance of success is not the highest.

For example, bets with high odds fall out very rarely. But if you analyze the cards correctly, you can get a multiplier of up to 100x from your bet. With a good bet, the player will significantly increase his/her gaming capital.

Therefore, you can and should play with side bets. But it is not necessary to use this function in every round, because twice in a row you are unlikely to expect a successful layout of cards with the desired combination.

Blackjack Side Bet Payouts: The Ins and Outs

Like other payouts, side bets in blackjack are paid in case of a positive outcome for the player. This means that users will receive their winnings if their bet wins. If the player used the insurance function, then he/she will be able to return his/her bet and go to zero after an unsuccessful round. blackjack-side-bets-1.webp In perfect pairs, payouts occur at a coefficient from 5x to 25x. When the desired combination falls out in 21+3, the player can get from 5x to 100x multiplier from the bet. The only thing that is required from the player is to make the correct bet and receive the winnings.

It is not easy to do this, but it is possible. You just need to think over your strategy correctly and keep track of the drop-down combinations. It is equally important to study all the rules in advance and understand how to play and what blackjack side bets users can make in the selected blackjack variation. It will be very annoying if you decide to place a certain side bet, but it is not available in the game you have chosen. Therefore, keep track of the rules and updates from the providers for the selected games, and with the right actions, you will be successful.

What Are the Most Popular Side Bets in Blackjack?

Side bets are an interesting and profitable option for blackjack players. This is not only another chance to make money, but also an opportunity to play it safe in the right rounds and save your money. Before starting to play this game, the user needs to learn the best blackjack side bets and understand the principles of their formation.

Experienced players most often distinguish the following types of side bets:

  • insurance;
  • perfect pair;
  • 21+3 (poker combinations).


This bet is used by players most often. It can be made if the dealer's open card is an ace. Then the user can bet from the original amount of the bet that the player got blackjack. If the user guesses correctly, he/she will receive a 2x win or win back his/her bet.

The main reason to make an insurance bet is to protect the player from losing in a bad round. With this bet, he or she will not lose, because either his/her original bet or the insurance one will come in. But if you make an erroneous move, then the player may lose insurance, and the main bet will not play.

Perfect Pairs

This side bet works in the case of the player having a pair of cards with the same value after the first deal. If the cards are of different colors or suits, then the player will receive a 5x bet. If the cards are of the same color and denomination, but of different suits, then you can get a 12x multiplier. If the cards are of the same denomination and suit, then the bet on a perfect pair will work with a coefficient of 25x. blackjack-side-bets-2.webp


Variations of 21+3 bets will work when forming 2 cards in the user's hand and one open dealer card of a variation of poker combinations. They will bring the player from 5x (with a flash combination) to 100x (suited three of a kind combination). This rate brings the most income.

Analyzing the types of bets, players choose the appropriate options for themselves and make money with their help.

Do I Need to Make Blackjack Side Bets?

A well-thought-out strategy shows whether a player needs blackjack side bets. Of course, they are. First of all, they help save the user money. Some of them will significantly increase the odds to earn money in the gambling industry.

But you can make such bets only if you are sure of success and understand that the probability of getting the desired combination is quite high. Otherwise, you will quickly lose your bankroll and even the land of King Billy will not save your investment.

So, act in the game as carefully as possible, think over each step, and do not ignore the additional features that the developed game creators provide you. By combining the main and side bets, you can make good money in our online casino.


What are the three most popular side bets in blackjack?

There are several variations of side bets in blackjack, but the most common bets are insurance bets, perfect pairs, or 21+3. With their help, you can get the highest odds and minimize your losses when you lose.

Does the house edge change in side bets in blackjack?

When using side bets directly, the house edge will not change. However, it may change depending on how many game decks are used in the game. But this indicator does not depend on the players, but only on the developers of the blackjack version.

How to determine what side bets are available at a blackjack table?

In each version of the game, there are separate variations of side bets. To understand which of them are available in your game, you need to look at the side menu of the table. All types of side bets that the user can make before the distribution of cards in the round will be indicated here.

Are there more profitable games than blackjack?

Table games are considered one of the most profitable for users. They have the lowest house edge and the highest return per game. Blackjack stands out among them because most of the active audience earns by betting on this game. In the case of blackjack glut, the user can try other table games or live dealer games.

Written by Michael Cunningham


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