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American Roulette: What Makes Its Gameplay Unique?

A game that originated in Europe, American roulette became one of the most popular online casino games in Canada because of the entertaining amusement it gives its players based on chance. The wheel's layout of this casino game comprises 38 alternately colored numbered pockets — usually in red and black colors — featured with numbers 1 to 36, including zero and double zeroes. This game aims to predict the outcome of numbers by spinning the ball using the roulette wheel.

It also offers a lot of combinations through colors and numbers — where players can place their bets to win the accumulated money. The King Billy Kingdom provides a realistic experience of playing this roulette game in the comfort of your home, anytime, or anywhere! Our online version simulates the real thing — our online gameplay features quality gaming software that emulates the American roulette wheel and table and lively interaction for players to offer that immersive experience.

American Roulette vs. European Roulette: What Are the Differences?

Although this game had a European influence, there are still some distinct features noticeable that distinguish the American version from its counterpart.

The Wheel Layout

Compared with the European roulette — which features 37 wheel pockets with a single zero — the American version has 38 pockets with double zeroes. This game attribute of the American wheel gives players an additional betting option that can eventually affect the outcome of the game's odds and payouts.

The House Edge

Because of the American wheel's double zero quality, it has a higher house edge when compared with the European wheel. This factor means players can lose more money over time because of the double zero feature.

The Options for Betting

Although both popular variations offer similar betting options — like the inside and outside bets — the double zero feature adds a betting system named the "Five Number Bet." This extra bet has a payout of 6 to 1, covering the numbers 00, 0, 1, 2, and 3 — factors not available in the European counterpart.

The Number Sequence

The arrangement of numbers in the two variations is also different. The American wheel offers a pair of numbers opposite each other, while the European wheel has a random sequence of numbers.

Playing American Roulette: The Basic Rules and Strategies

Playing this online casino game has never been easy. Here are the basic rules and strategies to play online American roulette and settle your first game even as a beginner.

The Basic Rules of Playing the Game

The following are the basic rules when playing the game.

  • Before playing, decide your budget and only place the money you can afford to lose. When placing bets, place your chips on the table and choose the betting areas — this includes the set of numbers, the desired colors, or even high or low.
  • After placing and completing the bets on the table of every player, the dealer will spin the online American roulette wheel in one direction and put a small ball to revolve in an alternate order.
  • After losing momentum, the ball will eventually fall into the numbered pockets. This result determines the winning number during that spin.
  • The dealer will eventually place a marker showing a winning number and will collect the losing bets among the players. Afterward, the dealer will give the payouts to players with winning numbers or combinations.
  • Strategy and Tips for Winning

    Having planned strategies can increase your chance of winning when playing this casino game online. Here are tips on creating your own American roulette strategy, suited to the Noble players of King Billy:

  • Help yourself understand and get familiarized with the odds and payouts to make better decisions. Some bets have higher probabilities but lower payouts, and vice versa.
  • Implementing bankroll management can help you set a budget by dividing your money into smaller session bankrolls. You can do this to help you manage your bets and avoid betting money you cannot afford to lose.
  • Mix your bets and consider planning a set of bets for your gameplay rather than sticking to a single type of bet. Combining bets adds variety to your play and increases the chance of winning.
  • Pay attention to the house edge since the American wheel has the double zero pocket feature. Hence, the odds can be less favorable for its players.
  • The Different Types of American Roulette Betting

    Before a player places their bets to play this roulette game, one should fully understand the most common bets involved before playing the game. This section can give you an idea of what forms of bets could work for you before spinning the wheel.

    Inside Bets: What They Are

    Inside bets happen when a player places a chip on a specific or small group of numbers within the layout table. You can bet using a Straight or single number, Split or two adjacent numbers, Street or three numbers in a row, or Corner meaning four numbers that make a square.

    The Definition of Outside Bets

    Compared with Inside bets, Outside bets cover a great combination or group of numbers. You can bet on colors, odd/even numbers, or even high or low. This aspect can include red or black and odd or even — involving the first and second half of the set of numbers on the wheel.

    Winning Big with American Roulette on Mobile

    The Kingdom is a reputable online gambling platform that provides an engaging experience to play American roulette on a mobile-friendly website. King Billy, a casino with over twenty awards, ensures that the online casino platform undergoes licensing and other regulations. The following are the steps to play this famous casino game online in Canada.

    1. Visit the website.
    2. If you are a new player, create your online casino account by registering. Once you have finished putting in the necessary information, you can use your login details to access the platform to play your next game.
    3. Navigate the Roulette section and select the game to launch it.
    4. Place your bets by tapping the designated betting areas on your screen. Select the desired chip denomination and place bets depending on your strategy.
    5. Click the 'spin' button and wait for the gameplay's outcome. Repeat or place new bets once the system completed the game's conclusion.

    It is also best to remember to have a secure and stable internet connection when playing. In addition, keep in mind to gamble responsibly and make initial research to ensure online gambling is legal in your jurisdiction.

    Play American Roulette Online Today and Win Big!

    The King Billy Empire offers an online roulette game with unique characteristics. This online casino can give you a realistic gameplay experience and provides the necessary information each player needs to play responsibly.

    In conclusion, you can determine this online casino game's outcome by understanding the rules, the betting options, and the odds, while prioritizing enjoyment more than winning. Give yourself a chance to experience the thrill and excitement of playing online American roulette today! Visit a reputable online casino to make the most of your gaming experience.


    Is American Roulette a Random Game of Chance?

    Like any casino game, American roulette is a random game of chance that generates numbers to see the outcome of the play. The ball landing on the number of pockets is random, so you consider the odds and possibilities.

    It is also worth mentioning that every player should play American roulette in a reputable casino to prevent complications — especially ensuring the game is not biased or rigged. King Billy, one of the most awarded casinos, protects privacy, offers safety and security for players, and adheres to proper gaming regulations to maintain every game's integrity.

    In American Roulette, What Numbers Have a Higher Chance of Getting Hit?

    Since it is a game of chance that uses 38 number pockets, every number has an equal probability to get hit. However, the more you play the game, the more you could observe that a particular set of numbers can get hit more frequently because of random fluctuations.

    It is best to view the game as a game of luck and enjoy the immersive experience while being mindful to gamble responsibly.

    What Is So Unique About the Odds and Payouts of American Roulette?

    Regarding odds and payout, the number of pockets and the double zero feature can influence the outcome by increasing the house edge. Likewise, the Five Number Bet carries a house edge of roughly 7.89% which is unavailable in European Roulette.

    What Is the Best Strategy for American Roulette?

    Since the game executes and functions as a game of chance, there is no foolproof and absolute strategy to win this game of odds. However, you can enhance your gaming experience by understanding the odds, setting a budget, mixing gaming bets, and trusting your hunch.

    Is American Roulette Available to Play Online through a Smartphone?

    Yes, you can play this entertaining game online using your phone, whenever and wherever! King Billy is available for players to access and play to enjoy American roulette at their fingertips. Punters can also try American roulette for free in the demo mode before playing for real money.

    The Land of King Billy is a reputable and licensed casino website where you can play seamlessly and safely using your mobile. All you need to do is create a website or an application account, search for the roulette games category, place your bets, and spin the wheel. The virtual wheel will land the ball in one pocket to display the winning number. All of your winnings will reflect on your account.

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