European Roulette

Roulette is an extremely popular game among table game fans at our online casino. Many users prefer to choose different types of roulette online. But most prefer to play to the standard rules. For this, classic European roulette has been created.

The King Billy Kingdom provides its citizens with many opportunities to play this type of roulette. But beginners do not always understand the advantages of this game and need to understand its intricacies.

The Basic Rules for Playing European Roulette

Before you start playing the best online casino European Roulette on your PC or mobile phone, you should understand its basic rules. In this game, there are 37 sectors for players to bet on. 36 sectors are divided equally into red or black segments, and one of them is the zero. Before each round, players make a bet. After players make their bets, the dealer starts to spin the wheel, and the ball is thrown in the opposite direction to the rotation of the wheel.

The user whose ball stopped on the segment on which he placed a bet wins this game round. Many Canadian players doubt that they can win the game. However, several variations of bets can bring ultimate success to fans of this type of roulette.

The Types of Bets in European Roulette: Inside and Outside

Since European roulette Canada has only one sector with zero, it is much easier to play it. Users understand that their chances of final success are higher than in some other varieties of online roulette. Players have a 1/37 chance of winning. However, they also have the opportunity to get smaller winnings by taking advantage of other bet variations.

Most bets in this game can be conditionally divided into Inside and Outside bets. Each of them can bring additional income to the player. However, the cost of winning can differ significantly, because the chances of getting certain combinations are higher than the classic bet on one of the sectors.

Inside Bets: What Are They?

The playing field in online European roulette is conditionally divided into 2 sectors, and players can bet inside the sectors or outside them. The first group is called inside bets. Among them, there are the following options:

  • Per number with a probability of winning 36/1 – single number.
  • On two adjacent numbers (a chip is placed on the line of demarcation between two sectors side by side, and the probability of falling out is 17/1) – split bet.
  • By three horizontal numbers with the probability of success 11\1 – street bet.
  • Four numbers having one common corner (probability of winning 8/1) – corner/square bet.
  • Into six segments located on two adjacent lines (the probability of winning is 5/1) – six-line bet.

The player needs to remember that the more sectors he captures with his bet, the lower the win rate concerning his bet. In other words, a player who bets on one number will earn many times more than a user who bet on 6 segments. However, the probability of the ball falling on the selected sector is much lower than that of one of the 6 sectors.

Outside Bets: The Peculiarities

In addition to inside bets, online European roulette provides an opportunity to make outside bets as well. This group of bets differs from the previous one in the sense that the player can either return his money or earn only twice as much as his bet. Outside rates include:

  • Bet on a column (if you win, the winnings are paid out as 2/1).
  • Bet on one of 3 dozen (payouts are similar to the bet on a column).
  • Even or odd numbers bet.
  • Bet on the color of the sector.
  • High or low numbers bet.

The last 3 betting options mean that when they fall out, the player simply returns the amount of his bet. Therefore, he does not earn anything at such a bet. Experienced players use them to skip a turn and during the prediction of a losing round. To regularly win at this type of roulette, a player needs to analyze and develop his strategy.

Winning Strategies and Tips for Playing European Roulette

For fans of the table game, European Roulette is considered an excellent option for making money in this game. However, without a well-thought-out strategy, it is extremely difficult to win. To increase the chances of success in European roulette, users need to play according to a pre-designed strategy. The most commonly used strategies are:

  • Martingale formula;
  • Labouchere's strategy;
  • Andrucci system.

Martingale’s strategy means that after a lost round, the user must double his bet. In this way, the player will be able to return not only the bet for the current round but also win 2 times more than he lost before the current rounds. For example, by betting $10 on the first loss, the user bets $20 and loses again, but then he bets $40 and, if he wins, gets $80 on his account and remains in the black by $10 for 3 rounds.

Labouchere's strategy is somewhat similar, but the player needs to cross off the numbers that previously brought him success. If you lose a bet, you need to make a new bet with a coefficient of 2x.

The Andrucci system means that one of the numbers must fall out sooner or later. The player needs to write down which numbers fall out during 35 spins, then choose one amount and bet on it regularly for up to 25 spins. Sooner or later, you will get a big win, but you need to make a minimum bet.

Play European Roulette on Your Mobile Phone in Canada Anytime

For fans of this game, European roulette is not just a table and a spinning wheel, but a way to relax and an opportunity to earn extra money. Players highly appreciate the opportunity to play their favorite roulette in any free moment.

To meet the needs of customers, the casino provides an excellent adaptive mobile version of the site. Thanks to this, the King Billy Casino citizens can play European and other types of roulette at any moment and take advantage of the opportunities to earn money. Despite the size of the phone monitor, the picture is very high quality and practically does not differ from the one that the player would see on the monitor of the personal computer.

The Unique Odds and Payouts in European Roulette

European roulette game lovers know that the winnings will be credited if the player made a bet while the wheel is spinning and the segment that the user bet on falls out. Since there are 37 sectors in this game, the probability of a bet falling on one sector is 1 in 36.

Accordingly, the more segments you select for a bet, the higher the probability of it falling out. Also, outside bets on even or odd numbers have a 2 to 1 chance of appearing. The situation is similar with high/low numbers bets or colors. But the higher the coefficient, the higher the gain in case of final success on the part of the user. Therefore, you need to play carefully and not deviate from the chosen strategy.

Criteria for Choosing European Roulette Casino in Canada

If you are looking for an online casino to play European type of roulette, King Billy is the place to be. His Majesty's Kingdom provides players with ample opportunities for gambling and receiving large bonuses. On this site, users will find only proven games from the best providers on the market.

It is safe to play on this resource, and the winnings are withdrawn quickly. For those who want to launch the game at any time, online casino representatives have a mobile version of the site, which is actively used by registered players. These parameters show experienced punters the reasons for playing at this online casino.

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