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Immerse yourself in the features of the roulette game. Everything about the numbers on the wheel, as well as the luckiest sectors that can bring victory.

Main Secrets of Roulette Numbers

Roulette is one of the most beloved activities in the hearts of millions of folks. Players are attracted by simple rules and incredible emotions from the gameplay. If you also love this game, then you are most likely eager to learn the main secrets of victory and the specialities of the game. The most basic thing you need is to understand the features of the game, as well as the placement of roulette numbers. Understanding how it works and its subtleties, you can get much closer to winning when playing online casino.

History of the Appearance of Roulette and Features of The Order Roulette Wheel Numbers

If you think that roulette numbers are placed in random order, then you are mistaken. Everything is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Why is the number 21 placed between 2 and 4? We will find it out. In fact, online roulette wheel numbers are placed according to strategy. The first wheel was created thanks to Pascal. He conducted experiments with a ball and a roulette. His goal was to create a perpetual motion machine, so he conducted such experiments. Subsequently, the results of such experiments were applied to gambling. Around that period, a game emerged that closely resembles the roulette we know today. You're probably wondering how many roulette numbers were in Pascal's development. The wheel consisted of the 36th number. A little later, 0 was added to the French version of roulette and two 0s were added to the American one. Also, since that time, some other changes have been made, which we will talk about later. Now let's find out why the roulette numbers are arranged in this order. The thing is that the French mathematician believed that it was the order that ensured equal chances of getting both high and low numbers. If you look at roulette wheel numbers, at first glance you will think that there is no sequence there. This is what ensures unpredictability and equal chances of getting both low and high numbers. roulette numbers distribution

Features of Roulette Numbers Locations in European Roulette

There are different types of roulette games. Depending on your choice, you will be presented with certain rules, as well as a special arrangement of roulette wheel numbers. If we talk about European roulette, then this is one of the most common variations of this game. Thanks to it, the French and American versions appeared. In this variation, there are 37 slots on the wheel where the ball can land. They are numbered from 1 to 36. There is also a separate cell called zero. Half the numbers are black and the other half are red. In the European version, the zero cell is highlighted in green. Many players prefer this version of the game because there are high chances of winning. Players can bet on numbers, colours, groups of numbers, even or odd. After the bets have been placed on the roulette table, the dealer begins to spin the wheel.

Features of Roulette Numbers Locations in French Roulette

Another popular variation of this game is French roulette. It also has its own rules and features that attract players. It has 37 cells with roulette numbers on the table, just like the European version. They are numbered from 1 to 36 with a separate cell for zero. This game has the same wheel and bet types as in the European version. However, this variation of the game has several important rules that distinguish it from others. We are talking about the following:

  • La Partage – this rule returns half the bet on even chances in case of a zero;
  • En Prison – keeps the bet completely until the next round if a zero is rolled;
  • Other specialized bets, such as Voisins du Zero, Jue Zero, Orphelins and so on. They are the same as for European roulette, they just have their own special names in French.

Features of Roulette Numbers Locations in American Roulette

American roulette has gained the greatest popularity in the United States, but there are also supporters of this game in Europe. You can also play this type of entertainment at The King Billy Empire online casino. This game has some features in the arrangement of roulette numbers. The wheel of such a game includes 38 sectors, each of which has its own number. The main difference is the presence of two zero sectors, which are highlighted in green. They are called "zero" and "double zero". The main goal of such sectors is to increase the advantage of the casino over the players. If the ball lands on one of these sectors, then all your bets are automatically reset. roulette-number.webp

Which Roulette Numbers Are People Most Often Betting on?

Now when you know how many numbers on a roulette wheel, you can imagine how difficult it is to determine the most popular numbers in roulette. This is an unpredictable game where the chance of guessing the exact number is very low. However, there are a number of best roulette numbers that users bet on most often. They are called lucky ones. There is also a separate category of roulette numbers, which, on the contrary, are considered unlucky. Let's talk about this in more detail.

Most Popular and Lucky Numbers

In gambling, there are a quantity of individual numbers that are considered lucky. Whether they are is up to you to decide. We are talking about several popular and lucky numbers, namely 3, 7 and 17. Let's talk about them in more detail:

  • Number 3: There's really no exact reason why players choose this number. However, it is one of the most popular among roulette numbers. This is what many players consider happy and successful;
  • Number 7: There is a belief that God created the world in 7 days. That is why many consider this number to be Divine. Players believe there is something special about it. We can also trace a certain pattern. There are 7 days in a week, there are 7 Wonders of the World, and so on. There are many such examples. This is why it is popular and considered a winner at roulette;
  • Number 17: If you carefully look at how many numbers on a roulette wheel and determine their placement, you can come to the conclusion that it is the number 17 that is in the best position. Therefore, this is another popular number that players bet on, because the ball hitting this sector is considered quite high. There is an interesting case that tells how one Spaniard was able to beat the casino and determine the “lucky” numbers. We are talking about Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo, who loved mathematics. He knew everything about numbers. According to his calculations, all roulette numbers should have appeared 135 times. However, he noticed a pattern. The fact is that some numbers came up more often than others. And then he realized that it was not a matter of mathematics at all, because the real results did not agree with his calculations. Then the Spaniard realized that the roulette wheel is placed at a certain angle, which contributes to the occurrence of certain numbers. Based on this, he determined “lucky” numbers of the wheel and was able to beat the casino for a large sum.

Unlucky and Least Popular Numbers

Along with lucky numbers, players could wonder how many numbers in roulette folks called unlucky. Players tend to bet on them the least often, as they are commonly thought to bring bad luck. In many cultures and countries around the world, the number 13 is considered unlucky and foretells trouble. For these reasons, it is not popular in gambling and many try to avoid it. Also, players do not like the number 34, so it is not very popular. The thing is that it is placed farthest on the gaming table, which makes it not as relevant as others. roulette-numbers-sequence.webp

The Explanation Of Hot And Cold Numbers in Roulette: What Does It Mean?

Cold and hot roulette numbers are a concept that helps decide which numbers are best to bet on in order to get a payout. If a number is hot, it means it comes up quite often. Cold ones are the numbers that come up the least often. This is how it works. Many players believe that this concept can overcome the house edge. There are two types of players. Some bet on hot numbers and consider them to be winning, while others bet on cold ones, confident that the ball will hit numbers that have not won for a long time.


Now you know how many numbers are in roulette, which of them are considered lucky, and which ones are the opposite. This information allows you to better understand the game and its features. Now you can increase your chance of winning and make better roulette bets that will bring you good winnings. If you don’t know where to gamble, then we recommend taking a closer look at the reliable platform The King Billy Kingdom.


What bet is considered a winning in roulette?

In fact, it is difficult to determine the bet that will be won after spinning the wheel. You can take advantage of lucky or hot numbers that may be winning for you, namely 3, 7 and 17.

How many numbers are on the roulette wheel?

It all depends on the varint you choose. If you play French roulette or European, then you will have 37 numbered cells, one of which is zero. In the American version, you will have 38 sectors, where you will have two zero sectors at your disposal.

Does the dealer know which sector the ball will land on?

Roulette is a game with a high degree of unpredictability, where most of the outcome depends on luck. Therefore, no player or even the dealer can predict the exact place where the ball will stop, and on which roulette wheel numbers.

Does roulette have the same number of red and black numbers?

The number of red and black pockets are the same. On the wheel, you can see 18 cells with red and 18 with black. However, a lot depends on the variation of the game.

What colour is cell zero?

Pocket Zero stands out among other roulette numbers due to its rich green colour, which immediately attracts attention.

Written by Michael Cunningham


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