Live Blackjack

King Billy, an online casino with over 20 awards, offers love blackjack for new and seasoned players. This game is one of the oldest table games played at casinos, and providers have found ways of making it even more enjoyable by taking it live. A live studio with stand-by blackjack live dealers will set the tone for a real-time game, with the participants accessing it through their PCs or mobile devices. Game providers use high-powered cameras and sound systems to recreate a brick-and-mortar set-up, with background music and a chat group that players can use to interact.

New Zealand players that may want to play live blackjack for free will be disappointed to know it’s not possible, but they can get the instant-play version in demos.

Features of Online Blackjack with Live Dealer in New Zealand

A few years ago, gamblers had only two options: instant-play blackjack online or go to casinos to get a feel of the real deal. Today, they can get both and then some from the comfort of their homes. Some benefits NZ players will derive when they play live blackjack dealer games include:

Fun with Fairness

The Kingdom does not need RNG with this version since it is played live. Players will sit at the table, place their bets, get their cards, and then the game will begin with the best player winning. You get to watch every move the croupier makes, and machines will not generate the outcome since it will be based on your moves. The background is usually quite catchy as the cameras are of the highest quality to make you forget where you are momentarily.

Real Money Gaming

By decree of King Billy, players win real money if they are lucky. You could even get a few coins to play with if you participate in the King’s discount programs. Live blackjack is all about money gaming as none of the games are available for free, so you are at the table with other hungry players. This version presents one of the best ways to learn the game, as those that participate are often great at it and will teach you a thing or two if you are up to learning.

Brick-and-Mortar Experience

Players no longer have to travel to play casino games with such offerings. The experience you want is brought to you courtesy of game providers with powerful equipment able to broadcast to every part of the world. All this is better because the games can be accessed through mobile devices with the same features as those in instant-play mode. The graphics and sounds are of the highest quality, and the strategy is the same as ordinary blackjack.

Playing with a Live Dealer Blackjack

Live dealer blackjack online, a seven-seater game – except for infinite blackjack, which has 6, starts when all the players are seated and ready to place their bets. The dealer deals the cards, and players start making their moves to get to 21 before the dealer. To place bets, click your preferred chip denomination or more for multiple bet sizes, then wait for the balance to be displayed on your screen.

When the game starts, each player will have their turn to stand, hit, double down, or split if they have a pair. Standing means letting your chance go without making any move, which moves the game along until the dealer gets their chance. You will burst if you exceed 21, which takes you out of the game.

Your account will be credited with winnings immediately if you win, and you can opt to stay and keep playing even after winning or losing. You can always click ‘leave’ to take a break or leave the game altogether. You can also switch tables once your round is over.

Tips to boost your blackjack strategy

The Benevolent King carries blackjack demos for those planning to practice for their game for live blackjack online casino game, so you may want to try that before hitting the tables with the pros. These four terms are vital when practising the game’s basic strategy: Hit or Stand, Double Down, Split Pairs, and Surrender.

Before we get too far, here is a recap of what this game entails: the most popular deck has 52 cards, and a typical game is played with eight. A blackjack table will have 7 seats and can have 7 players or less depending on traffic and session. The aim is to get to 21 before the dealer, as going above the number is an automatic loss. Each player receives two face-up cards, while one of the dealer’s cards will be face-down. Cards have their face values except for King, Queen, and Jack, whose values are 10 each. Ace is usually counted as an 11 unless it would give a player the perfect score – 21 – in which case it counts as 1.

Now, the strategy - hit means taking another card if the ones you have are not good enough, while Stand is letting the gameplay without making a move. You Double Down by doubling your wager and picking a card, then Standing right away. Splits are when you double your bet and let each card represent a new hand. This way, you will play two hands independently. Surrender is usually an admission of defeat where a player forfeits the game midway and gives up half their bet. This only happens when a player is sure they cannot turn things around.

Betting Tips for a Successful Live Blackjack Game

There are three ways to beat the dealer at a live blackjack online casino game:

  • Draw cards with a value higher than the dealer’s.
  • The dealer goes over 21.
  • Drawing two cards worth 21 or as close as possible while the dealer’s cards are not that close.

Here’s how the dealer beats you:

  • They have cards valued more than yours at the beginning or end of the round.
  • You go beyond 21.

A few basic rules that blackjack experts swear by include knowing when and how to bet. When you win, increase your next net by one chip. If you lose, keep the same bet size as before and apply a better strategy. When you win one round, take out that money and start again as if it were your first round. This prevents losses and wins from getting to your head.

You want to focus on something other than the other players, as your main competition is the dealer. If they get better cards than you and win the game, that’s alright, but you want to remember the game is ideally between you and the dealer. This reduces the number of things occupying your mind as you play to make the game much more manageable. You want to remember the moves you can and should make when playing blackjack and execute them quickly to keep the game moving. Remember to take a break and leave the table when needed, as you can always return.

Enjoy Live Blackjack Online on Your Mobile Devices in New Zealand

Mobile gaming has brought brick-and-mortar experiences closer to the people, and blackjack live dealers will make you feel like you are in Macau or Vegas with their hospitability. When you log into your King Billy account through your smartphone or Tablet, access the live games section and select your preferred game. You will see the available tables where you will take a virtual seat and have your cards dealt. You will have all the buttons to help you make your moves when it’s your turn.

You can also play live roulette at NZ casino, especially King Billy Casino, as with live blackjack, the strategies for all the other live games are the same as their instant play versions, so you don't need to be intimidated if you have never participated before.

Reasons to Play Live Dealer Blackjack

All King Billy Citizens, Barons, and Dukes, all the way up to the King level, are welcome to try their hand at live dealer blackjack online. That alone makes this game worthwhile – everyone is welcome to sit at the table of greats. You will experience a brick-and-mortar casino feel without moving an inch, and you can play to win with as little as NZ$10. As all King Billy nobles know, His Majesty’s Kingdom is the best casino in New Zealand to play these table games, so take your seat and bring your best moves!


Does Live Online Blackjack Get Scammed?

We cannot confidently answer yes or no, but all casino games benefit the house in the long run. You will have streaks of good and bad cards, but you will reap more benefits for staying on it for the long run. Worth noting: ideally, it’s anyone’s game, between you and the banker.

Is Live Blackjack a Fair Game?

Yes. House Edge only ensures the casino gets its returns in the long run, but the game is fair to players. You see the events as they unfold so that no one can do anything fishy.

How Could I Start Playing?

You will need an account and a little deposit. King Billy’s minimum of NZ$10 will allow you to play a blackjack live game for real money. If you would rather play demos first, then ordinary blackjack gives you the skills you can use later in live gaming.

Is Special Software/Hardware Required to Play Live Blackjack?

A: No. You may want your headphones on to appreciate the background noise and music and to hear the live dealer’s chatter, but other than that, no other special equipment is necessary. The action airs live from the studio, and players can participate through smart mobile devices and PCs.

Does Live Blackjack Play the Same Way as Traditional Blackjack?

Yes, since they are both the same game in different versions. The live dealer will deal the cards to each player and start the game as though you are all playing at a brick-and-mortar casino.

How Much More Popular Are Live Blackjack Games?

A: They are as popular as ordinary blackjack. Those looking for demos will not like the live version since it is paid, but players looking to place wagers will appreciate feeling like they are at a brick-and-mortar gaming house.

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