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There is nothing more interesting than playing the world-famous online baccarat game for real money. However, for this you need to know reliable platforms where you can do this. One of these is King Billy Casino, which features a huge number of cool and exciting games from global providers. A special place is occupied by baccarat, which is presented in different forms. Players can enjoy the fun of classic baccarat and more and get huge winnings. Keep reading this article to learn more about it.

History of Baccarat - Find All About One of the Most Ancient Games

To date, there are a huge number of versions where the well-known baccarat game appeared. However, until now, no one in the world can understand for sure where and how this game appeared. This game has come a long way before online baccarat showed up in New Zealand.

At this point in time, it is believed that the first mention of the game was in the 19th century. However, the game could have existed before. Many believe that the game could have come from other games, such as Pay Gow, where playing dice were actively used instead of cards. The thing is that the name of this game is translated as “dial nine”. As you know, this number is also the best indicator in baccarat. Therefore, this is one of the most common theories of appearance.

Also, some researchers believe that the game appeared in Europe and is associated with girls divining their fate. They rolled the playing dice, and if they got 8 or 9, it meant that wealthy future husbands were waiting for them. Other indicators on playing dice meant death for the girls because in this case, they had to go into the sea and drown. Due to the fact that for such fortune-telling the best indicator was 9, many believe that in the future it was all modified into a card game. However, the veracity of this theory is still unknown for sure.

It is believed that this game appeared in New Zealand due to the influence of other cultures, especially European ones. The thing is that at that time maritime trade was extremely popular among cultures. So sailors from different parts of the world sailed to other countries and measured goods. Thus, some researchers believe that this is how this game appeared in New Zealand.

Today you can easily play baccarat online for real money in the world's best casinos such as King Billy. You only need to create an account and make a deposit on your account. Then you can choose any game and have a good time.

Directions On How To Perform Online Baccarat

If you want to learn how to play online baccarat in The King Billy Empire, then you will need to carefully read all the rules of this game, which we will write below.

Online baccarat game rules

The rules in this game are quite simple. You need to bet on the player or banker and wait for your hand to win. However, there are other subtleties that need to be taken into account. Let's start with the fact that in the game each card has its own meaning:

  • 10, J, Q, K are equal to 0;
  • Aces - equal to 1;
  • The remaining cards have a value from 2 to 9 points, depending on the face value on the card.

The total value of the hand can reach 9. If the value of the card exceeds 9, 10 points are subtracted from it. If you are lucky enough to score 8 or 9, then your hand is considered natural and, accordingly, the strongest.

Options For Bets

As mentioned earlier, when you play online baccarat for real money, you need to bet on the player or the dealer. That is, in the game you can make the following bets:

  • On the player. Thus, you are sure that the player will win. The calculation of the winnings takes place according to the coefficients 1:1;
  • To the dealer. Here you bet that the dealer will win. The bet will be calculated in the ratio 19:20 or 1:1;
  • Draw. Thus, you confirm that the bet of the dealer and the player will match. Here you can get the biggest payouts, as the calculation takes place at a ratio of 8:1. However, the chances are really low.

Discover More About the Strategy

Thanks to this strategy, you can significantly increase your chances of winning when playing baccarat online for real money. However, we shouldn’t forget that the strategy does not mean 100% victory. It only allows you to increase your chances of winning and know what to do in a given situation.

In any case, we recommend choosing the most optimal strategy for yourself and using it in the game in order to get as close to winning as possible. To date, there are different strategies, both more complex and simple. Depending on the style of your game, you can choose your strategy. The most popular are The Baccarat Martingale, Side with the Banker, Focus on Pair Bets, Baccarat Fibonacci and others.

Some of the Greatest Tips For Winning

If you want to win at a baccarat online casino, then we recommend following some tips to help you with this. It is about the following:

  • Read the terms and conditions before playing. Be sure to check with the casino representatives what percentage this bet has and whether there is a commission from your winnings. Familiarize yourself with the rules and features of the game you have chosen. It is important to know how to deal with;
  • Manage your bankroll properly. Stick to only one chosen strategy. If you see that today is not your day, then it's time to stop playing. Be careful and manage your money with caution;
  • Control your emotions. There is nothing worse than being led by your emotions and making decisions in the heat of the moment. Get rid of that and approach the game in a measured manner, as well as consider each step.

Which Odds And Payouts Are Available in Baccarat?

Before placing a bet, you need to familiarise yourself with the odds and payouts. This way you can make better decisions. Thus, you can get the following payouts and odds:

  • Player: payout - 1:1; odds - 44.62%; house edge - 1.24%;
  • Banker: payout - 1:1; odds - 45.86%; house edge - 1.06%;
  • Tie: payout - 8:1; odds - 9.52%; house edge - 14.36%.

Free Online Baccarat Against Real Money Baccarat

If you are thinking about which baccarat is better to play, then let's take a closer look at the advantages that each of them offers.

Real Money Baccarat Pros:

  • There is an opportunity to earn money;
  • A more exciting game where you can experience unforgettable emotions;
  • Interaction with other players.

Free Online Baccarat Pros:

  • Allows you to practice and hone your strategy;
  • If you lose, you don't waste money;
  • A calmer and more measured version of the game.

To choose the most suitable option for yourself, decide how well you play this game. If you need more practice, then choose a free online baccarat game. If you are already a confident user, then give preference to real money baccarat.

Top Online Baccarat Games For New Zealanders

If you do not know where you can play baccarat online for real money, then we will tell you the best place for that and you can use a reliable and legal casino in New Zealand - King Billy. It is a proven platform that provides only the best games for its users from well-known providers. You will be presented with a huge variety of baccarat games. You can play both the classic version and something more exciting and interesting. In addition, you will be able to receive the following benefits:

  • Fast speed for withdrawal of funds at the maximum amount without commission;
  • High withdrawal limits;
  • A huge variety of games for every taste, as well as different types of online baccarat for NZ residents;
  • Various bonuses and promotions, as well as free spins. Favourable bonuses for playing baccarat;
  • The casino operates in many countries and also allows you to choose any currency convenient for you in the game.

Therefore, if you want to play your favourite baccarat on a reliable platform, we recommend you choose the King Billy Casino.

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